Latest news

  • Capitalism’s Climate Crisis
    We are threatened by a climate catastrophe that is being driven by capitalist competition. System Change Not Climate Change. Only Socialism has the answer.
  • Sunday Socialist March 19th
    Sunday Socialist - a free, independent, socialist weekly PDF asking questions about the future of capitalism.
  • A Budget for the Rich
    The Tories have given us a budget for the rich, paid for by the poor. We have to challenge capitalism to achieve social justice.
  • NHS Waiting Lists At All-time High
    NHS waiting lists are at an all-time high as private providers wait in the wings.
  • Bank Goes Bust Heralding 2008 Comparisons
    Banks are going bust is it the start of another 2008 recession?
  • Media turn up the heat on refugees
    THE UNITED Nations has described the Tories' latest racist outburst against refugees as “a clear breach of the Refugee Convention".

Opinion and analysis

  • Ronnie v Goliath
    Ronnie Barkan is under house arrest, having been arrested on May 15th 2022 for direct action against the Elbit Systems HQ in Bristol.
  • Socialism in 2023 Part 3: Revolution or bust
    In response to Part One of this series Luke Andreski wrote: “If it’s ‘revolution or nothing’, then we’re really looking at nothing.” I had not intended to present that as the alternative, particularly since Luke continued, “When things get bad […]
  • Arrest and imprisonment won’t stop Just Stop Oil
    Peaceful protest and civil disobedience clearly work together in making an impact on public opinion and raise awareness of the parlous situation of our planet.