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  • Editorial: For an end to cynicism
    Party conferences are an opportunity to cynically vie for your votes. Politics needs a radical transformation to alter this corrupt system.
  • Why a rise in the price of milk is an indicator of dark days ahead
    Our leaders may decide that destroying parts of Eastern Europe matters far less than their companies remaining profitable and increasing their own wealth. 
  • Momentum’s Fantasy Policy Game
    Momentum's campaign to reverse Labour's rightward shift was never going to succeed. Next week's Labour Conference will reveal the depth of their failure.
  • News Digest
    A selection of news items from around the world and a look back at the Underground Railroad in the US which helped so many of those who escaped from slavery.
  • Feedback
    Readers of Critical Mass provide feedback on the latest articles we have published, with a focus this week on Russell Brand.
  • Birmingham – broken by austerity
    Birmingham's bankruptcy shows that local government is a broken shield against Tory cuts. Fighting for socialism is the only way to defend our communities.
  • Transforming the Political Landscape
    Critical Mass would support Transform in a General Election, but Transform could well make life slightly more difficult for TUSC.
  • Who listens to the listener?
    Our politicians are such poor role models in so many ways; communication with others and communication in general is not a gold standard in Westminster.
  • Sunday Socialist October 1st
    Sunday Socialist - a free, independent, socialist weekly PDF asking questions about the future of capitalism.
  • The moral vacuum at the heart of our politics
    Rather than Stop Starmer, what we need is to Start Socialism, to begin the process of reconstructing our understanding of the meaning of socialism.
  • The Bedroom Tax Ten Years On
    Ten years of the bedroom tax has failed every key government objective whilst exacerbating the housing crisis.
  • Start Socialism
    What we can do is start to develop a socialism that is fit for the times we live in, relevant to the people whose lives it is aiming to transform.