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  • Cultural Genocide in Gaza
    Israel is committing cultural genocide by targeting Palestinian cultural icons, libraries, museums and heritage sites.
  • Editorial
    Labour offers no hope. Instead of electoral fantasies we should be thinking about how to fight and how to win and what are we fighting for.
  • Screens
    To build a fairer, more just world we need a grass roots movement to take back control of who governs us and how they govern.
  • Snouts in the trough
    Lying is now very much part of public life. Those in power have become emboldened in recent years to lie for financial and political gain. It is important that they are held to account.
  • K is for Keir
    Keir Hardie emerged from poverty to become a pioneering socialist and Labour Party founder, fighting for workers and social justice. Contrasted with Hardie's genuine activism, Keir Starmer, has no principles and has ambition only for himself.
  • Hats Off To Keir Hardie
    Keir Hardie saw their dress code as just one more set of fetters. They could not shame him for he knew that his just cause was right.
  • Cost of living: economic prospects in an election year
    The cost of living has risen with inflation exceeding OECD projections and outpacing wage growth. An election year raises false hopes but brings austerity as the only choice.
  • Horizon: a lesson for our time
    Is the Post Office Horizon scandal down to bad people, system failure or are scandals like this a feature and not an error of the system?
  • Edge Notes: What should happen to Palestine if the ICJ finds Israel guilty of genocide?
    Readers of the Sunday Socialist give their opinions on what should happen if the ICJ finds Israel guilty of genocide.
  • News Digest
    The Government should follow the example some schools are setting in welcoming and celebrating refugees. Then our society would be very different.
  • Feedback
    2023 was one of the darkest years in living memory. Never has it been more important for socialists to exchange ideas about how to end the monstrous evil of capitalism.
  • The Last Word: Reasons to be cheerful
    As people march through cities all over the world shouting, “In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians”, there is a strong feeling of universality. A real sense of internationalism has developed.
  • Sunday Socialist January 28th 2024
    New year, old wars, old bills but new reasons to be cheerful.
  • Editorial
    Welcome to the New Years Eve edition of Critical Mass Culture.
  • Liberty – a review
    This documentary delves into the overlooked history of Kath Duncan, a resilient activist. It highlights her fight for justice and societal equality, shedding light on the struggle for recognition and the enduring need for social change. The film, crafted by Ray Barron-Woolford, presents a compelling narrative that has garnered acclaim in various film festivals worldwide.