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  • Blockout2024 sends message to empty headed celebs
    As global inequality widens and as Palestine is facing genocide a new movement blocking celebrities who attended the Met Gala has sprung up.
  • Never Again! Stop the Genocide!
    Israel’s genocide is undeniable. The genocide deniers are just as guilty. Keep up the pressure and hold them all to account.
  • EU Tightens Border Controls for Refugees
    The EU’s new pact on migration has been condemned for making asylum more difficult and being more concerned with keeping people out than with social justice.
  • The Toryfication of Labour
    The Toryfication of Labour marks the end of any semblance of loyalty to traditional Labour values as it becomes the party of the ruling class.
  • Natalie’s World
    Natalie Elphicke is a good fit for Labour. What does that tell us about Labour or politics more generally?
  • Arrest in Guildford – Police target young Muslim woman
    West Surrey police officers made an aggressive arrest of a young Muslim woman in Guildford in a pro-Palestine march for chanting 'From the river to the sea'.

  • Editorial
    The liberal world order died in Gaza. It is time to for a new internationalism against imperialism and capitalism, for the many, not the few.
  • Edge Notes: Is Britain becoming a police state
    Recent legislation and rhetoric is creating a more authoritarian environment but are we becoming a police state?
  • Are you confident about your future?
    Confidence can affect the economy, but it is more likely the economy can affect confidence. So why are we measuring it at all?
  • N is for Nationalisation
    Is nationalisation a radical demand. Wouldn't a more radical demand be to end the private ownership of industry?
  • What socialism means to me
    What mechanism will bring capitalism down and replace it with socialism? When enough people feel there is something worth fighting for, then, and only then, will we be looking at revolution.
  • Snouts in the trough
    Another set of examples of sleaze that they would rather was buried under the carpet. It includes, exemptions given to King Charles, and the taxpayers' money used to settle a libel case on behalf of Michelle Donelan who had accused two academics of being extremists.
  • Diary of a miscreant (or Ground Zero)
    17th September 2010  Took the jeep into the mechanic today. It cost me 20000 EC or £6000 2 weeks ago and it’s a 1994 model! S came with me as he knew the seller. Seller assured me it was the best… Read more: Diary of a miscreant (or Ground Zero)
  • News Digest
    The News Digest covers the war in Sudan, changes in Ireland and other important stories. We look back at the 1932 Kinder Scout Mass Trespass.
  • What socialism means to me
    Education is the future of socialism, and socialism should be at the root of education. Capitalism schools us. It does not educate us.
  • Feedback
    Readers respond to recent news stories.
  • Last Word – A world without borders
    A world without borders is a world without capitalism and all have the right to free movement, not just the rich in their private jets.
  • Sunday Socialist May 5th 2024
    As the ruling class fights a backlash from students for their support for Gaza is this the end of liberal democracy?