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  • Editorial
    Last Sunday's march against antisemitism was a counter demo to recent pro-Palestine demos and its central message was support for Israel.
  • Cost of living: the big fuel con
    As inflation falls, fuel bills continue to rise. Meanwhile fuel companies' profits continue to rise as do dividends for shareholders. It is a con.
  • Snouts in the trough
    The Carillon collapse highlights all that is wrong with successive governments’ obsession with privatising and contracting out key services to the private sector.
  • The worst of times….
    Are we living in the worst of times and what can we do about it? Now more than ever we need to affirm our socialist principles.
  • Our Democracy Under Attack
    The UK public supports a ceasefire in Gaza but our politicians do not. Do we really live in a democracy?
  • News Digest
    MSM distorts the truth and does not provide us with measured and balanced information. This distortion is also reinforced by omission as well as biased reporting.
  • In praise of emotion, defiance and Clare Daly
    Let us cease to value rationality and objectivity so much. We need facts and information and logic, but it is of equal and sometimes greater value, to go against the grain, to shout our defiance, to speak from the heart.
  • Feedback
    We at Critical Mass/Creating Socialism are a small group of socialists who dared to hope when Corbyn led the Labour Party. That particular hope was shattered but we were not.
  • The Last Word – Are you being bugged?
    Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide, and, as long as there is a person to bite, it's not about hygiene.
  • Sunday Socialist December 3rd
    Sunday Socialist - a free, independent, socialist weekly PDF asking questions about the future of capitalism.