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  • Sunday Socialist April 7th 2024
    What next for socialists with major elections on the horizon and Gaza spiralling out of control?
  • Junior Doctors Strike In Wales 
    Junior Doctors enter into third round of strikes as BMA rejects 5% pay offer by Vaughn Gething's Welsh Government. Why is Welsh Labour paying less than England's Tories?
  • Not Yet America!
    The USA has 3 weeks to provide assurances over Julian Assange's welfare before the High Court will allow his extradition.
  • UN Security Council Passes Ceasefire Resolution
    The UN calls for an immediate ceasefire and allowing aid into Gaza. Will the USA stop arming Israel and reinstate its support for UNRWA?
  • Rachel Reeves and the search for an economic miracle
    Criticised for being too close to Thatcher, Rachel Reeves' real problem is that she has no way to deliver her lofty ambitions.
  • Starvation being used as a weapon of war
    The people in Gaza are starving and the North has been designated a famine area. It is particularly shocking to note that many, including the EU and Oxfam, have said that Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war.

  • What Next For Socialists?
    The networks of the left will need to become a driving force behind strikes and protests and mobilisations against the next Labour Government which will betray us.
  • The state of the left
    Critical Mass readers’ views on whether they have become more or less optimistic about socialism now there are more challenges to Labour.
    The great paradox, the contradiction at the heart of capitalism, is that it is driven to destroy the working class, the source of its wealth.
  • Why nonviolent protest has a critical role to play in protecting Gaza’s civilians
    By taking to the streets in our hundreds of thousands, flooding MPs' inboxes with letters and emails and staging savvy nonviolent direct actions, there's the possibility of setting limits on or even terminating British support for Israeli war crimes and apartheid.
  • Snouts in the trough
    Government schemes such as Future Fund turn out to be a get-rich-quick scheme for the Tory supporting rich.
  • Why living standards are not rising
    We all have a choice. Keep our consumer lifestyles, with the associated pollution. Or, save the planet. The majority of people it seems are choosing their consumer lifestyles.
  • News Digest
    News of suffering, injustice, education cuts, lithium, journalists, refugees, building inter-faith bridges. We also remember Mahmoud Darwish.
  • Gaza: the chances of a negotiated settlement
    As the genocide in Gaza moves beyond its sixth month, Critical Mass writers consider the chances of a negotiated settlement.
  • Feedback March
    Critical Mass readers’ feedback from a range of our published items, our International Women’s Day Sunday Socialist and news reports.
  • Pound in me pocket
    I got no pound in me pocket I ain’t got an eye in me socket But Keef’s Labour Will be our saviour
  • The Last Word
    Workplace bullying is commonplace. Evidence that bullying reduces productivity is ignored. This must change.
  • Sunday Socialist April 7th 2024
    What next for socialists with major elections on the horizon and Gaza spiralling out of control?