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  • Lineker, Corbyn and Farage in the news
    Don't mention the G-word. Look away from social media and is Sunak a Corbynite? Critical Mass's election round-up week 2.
  • High Education is Low On the Agenda
    Education is in safe hands. Not the universities or politicians but students who are arranging their own curriculums whilst protesting against a genocide.
  • The Israeli propaganda war
    The refusal of Israel to accept the hostages statements that they had been treated well by Hamas, putting it down to 'Stockholm Syndrome' is further evidence of the systematic way that Israel has been using propaganda to justify its assault on the Palestinian people.
  • Is Humanity Failing?
    Warfare and human suffering are increasing every year. Is humanity is failing? Or is there still time to save ourselves and save the world?
  • Euro Elections Mark Swing to the Right
    The right is gaining ground in Europe using PR to gain a foothold. We need to build a mass movement to bring hope to the disillusioned.
  • Election Round Up
    Akehurst, Farage and Labour double dealings. The first week of the general election campaign has not lacked drama.

  • Remembering Tiananmen Square
    In 1989 the Chinese murdered students protesting in Tiananmen Square. In 2024 governments are using violence to break up student camps.
  • What socialism means to me
    My socialism is who I am, my identity, shaped by life experience and others' experiences, my critical thinking, upbringing and education.
  • Edge Notes: Should there be a hierarchy of oppression?
    With many different cross cutting forms of oppression competing for our attention, we ask: should there be a hierarchy of oppression?
  • O is for Overproduction
    Capitalism is a system of over-production. A socialist system would produce for need not greed.
  • Cost of living: the mortgage conundrum
    In a socialist society we won't need mortgages to acquire a home, or pensions to support us in old age. But what of the here and now?
  • What socialism means to me
    While all forms of resistance are good, as struggle raises political consciousness, building a mass socialist consciousness takes time.
  • Palestine – A Short History
    Can the historic treatment of the Jewish people serve as justification for the treatment of the Palestinians?
  • Socialist Answers: Kier Kirby
    I'd like my future to be Internationalist, border-less, without capitalism and free from wasteful products and services.
  • Snouts in the water trough
    The under investment in water together with the excessive payouts being made to shareholders has the potential for becoming a health emergency in the UK.
  • News Digest
    Paris May 1968 saw a powerful uprising that led to change. Briefly everything seemed possible. One day everything will seem possible again.
  • Feedback
    Readers' feedback on a range of topics including nationalisation, Israel, genocide, Labour Party, Blinken, UK election, Natalie Elphicke.
  • The Last Word
    The Last Word is "Absurd" as Ann Marcial discusses the absurdities that affect us - ranging from the trivial to matters of life and death.
  • Sunday Socialist June 2nd 2024
    Student protest and state intervention can be uneasy bedfellows as we saw in 1989 and now in 2024/