Latest news

  • Introduction to the Election Special
    All the highlights from the Critical Mass Magazine Election Special.
  • Don’t Vote Labour
    Supporting a genocide should be enough to prevent you voting Labour, but there is plenty more.
  • Canvassing for Andrew Feinstein – an inspirational candidate
    Andrew Feinstein is challenging Keir Starmer with a socialist manifesto. What do the people of Holborn and St Pancras think of him.
  • A Word on PR
    We know what the result will look like in our current system, but what might it be under proportional representation. Be careful what we wish for.
  • Chaos Theory
    You might think the one thing the left could agree was: don't stand against each other. Sadly, not the case.
  • From liberal to socialist
    Nick Clegg made me think about politics. Jeremy Corbyn made me get involved. But experience made me a socialist.
  • Leanne Mohamad – standing in Ilford North and bringing us hope for a new type of politics
    Perhaps Leanne Mohamad may make us believe in socialist politics again and that we can fight and reclaim politics for the people.
  • After the Election
    Labour wins, Reform gains. What should socialists do next?
  • Vote Palestine
    All the information you need ahead of tomorrow's General Election, including full list of all left candidates.
  • Editorial
    The wealthy G7 nations are supposed to represent liberal democratic values. Instead they epitomise the worst of global capitalism.
  • Love Against Fascism
    We may be approaching our own Cable Street. Where do we say we were when UK fascism was beaten back once again?