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  • Editorial
    Israel is trying to erase the Palestinians. They still refuse to be erased. Palestine continues to resist, and as socialists we applaud their resistance.
  • The Big Truth – Starmer is a villain
    'Oh Jeremy Corbyn: the Big Lie' showed a web of deceit, lies, conspiracy & duplicity with high levels of intrigue. Starmer was a liar & duplicitous.
  • USA and Israel – “A Clean Break: A New Strategy Securing The Realm”
    US and UK links with Israel ignore Palestinian political rights and the right to self-determination.
  • Food inflation rises 34.2% in one year, research shows
    Our research finds that food inflation over the past year has been 34.2%
  • E is for Equality
    We can campaign, legislate and change some behaviours. But changing deep-rooted social attitudes in a society with inequality at its heart is extremely hard.
  • Looking back in time – the Deir Yassin massacre
    75 years ago the state of Israel was established. A month earlier, unspeakable atrocities were carried out against Palestinians at Deir Yassin.
  • Feedback for May 21st
    We write for you and in the feedback column you tell us what you think of what we write in the Sunday Socialist and for Critical Mass.
  • News Digest for 21st May
    Your roundup of what has been happening in the past fortnight.
  • Last Word
    Palestine – caring but not comprehending A few years ago, during the lockdown, I complained on social media about the fact that our local electricity company had seen fit to shut off our electricity for 16 hours on one of […]
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