Pen and paper images from Doves by Zac Ong on Unsplash

“Only a maniac could want a nuclear war,” say both sides of a conflict that shows no sign of abating. And, whilst the establishments in both the east and the west play high stakes games of poker, it is ordinary people whose homes, livelihoods and lives are destroyed.

Most ordinary people in the UK do not want to see the war escalate to the point where their homes and livelihoods are threatened. Yet, where is the talk of peace? Where is the diplomacy to bring this conflict to an end?

We can let our MPs know that many of us do believe a negotiated peace is possible.

You can use this website to find your MP’s address: Remember to include your name, address and postcode. 

You can cut and paste this text or add your own. Download the text here.

We don’t have to simply accept the inevitability of war.

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