View of ocean during golden hour by Александр Прокофьев on
Based on a Nigerian Folktale.

Millions and millions of years ago, 
The Sun was the Water’s best friend.
They both lived here down here upon the Earth 
Where the long sunny days never end.
But the Sun always visited the Water 
Because the Water would not leave his house,
The Sun said, “You never visit me!” 
But the Water just started to grouse.
“Your house is really much too small!” he said.  
“Too small for my kith and kin!
My people are streams and rivers and lakes.  
There’s not enough room to fit us all in!”
So when the Sun got home later, 
He spoke to his dear wife, the Moon.
She beamed at him and said, “Let's extend the house
 And we’ll welcome the Water round soon.”
Soon after the Water visited the Sun, 
And brought his people from miles around.
The Sun said, “Come in, my friend!”
And the Water entered with a loud splashing sound.
The Water came in and sploshed up the walls 
Then asked if there was any more space.
“Can you fit the Rivers in too?” he said.
“Yes” said the Sun with a smile on his face. 
The Water slowly rose up to the windows.  
“Is there room for all the Lakes too?”
“Of course!” said the Sun, “Bring them in!  
I think the more the merrier, don’t you!”
“Is there still more room for my people?” 
Asked the Water, “There’s still a lot of streams”.
“That’s fine,” said the Sun, “of course."  
But there was more of Water’s family than in his dreams.
The Water level was up very high by now 
And the Sun and the Moon had to stand on a table.
But the Water was still filling their house 
So they climbed up as high as they were able.
Fish and sharks and turtles swam by 
And made the Sun and the Moon start to giggle.
Then a huge jellyfish swam past them,
With a wobble and a bit of a wiggle.
The Water continued to rise 
And the Sun and Moon wished they were waterproof.
They had climbed up as high as they could 
So then they climbed out and onto the roof.
“There’s still my Lakes and Ponds,” said the Water.  
“No problem,” said the Sun, “bring ‘em round!”
Then the Water began overflowing out of the house 
And started splashing onto the ground.
The Sun and the Moon climbed ever upward 
And the Water got ever so high
The Sun and the Moon carried on climbing 
Until they were soon both high up in the sky.
They had a much better view from up high.  
They saw icebergs with polar bears on their tops.
They saw penguins and seals dart through the Water 
Then came a storm with enormous raindrops.
Soon the Water covered most of the Earth 
And there he decided to stay
The Sun and the Moon stayed up high in the sky, 
Where they remain to this very day.
The End

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