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Welcome to Issue 6 of Critical Mass. The magazine has now published 130 articles. But have you read our news items? Every day we publish our take on the news. Today was number 68. Susie Granic writing about the fishing dispute between France and the UK. Is it just a spat about sprats or is there something more serious at stake?

Sometimes it’s headline news like the Budget or the murder of David Amess MP. Sometimes it’s an important story that gets buried like the continuing misery in Afghanistan. And sometimes it’s a story that the rest of the media are determined to ignore, like the continuing incarceration of Julian Assange and the USA appeal in the high court this week to overturn a judge’s decision to refuse to deport him to the USA. There is more on Julian Assange in this issue of Critical Mass.

Follow Creating Socialism on Twitter @CreatingSociali to get our daily news alert. And if you have a story you think should be in the news you can let us know via email: creatingsocialism@mail.uk Dave Stirrup did just that with his story on the personal impact of the floods in Wales last week.

And don’t forget that many of our writers also have their own blogs, podcasts and video channels. This issue the Spotlight is on Susie Granic. Read her blog here.

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