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Welcome to Issue 8 of Critical Mass.

When we began one of our stated aims was to change the conversation around socialism. Today, for the first time we publish a conversation that was stimulated by one of our news stories. It is a discussion about mandatory vaccines and Covid passports in which ordinary people show they can have an intelligent conversation about a complex issue without it becoming confrontational and binary in the way that mainstream media love to shape such discussions.

If other people would like to organize their own conversations to share on Critical Mass we are open to suggestions. But if you are going to share a conversation, please ensure that you have permission from all the participants.

A recurring theme for Critical Mass is the Climate Crisis and today the Spotlight falls on environmental campaigner Howard Thorp. I hope we changed the light bulb in the spotlight for LEDs beforehand. As well as writing regularly for Critical Mass, Howard has his own blog Capitalism Creates Poverty (capitalism-creates-poverty.blogspot.com)

This week we publish in the shadow of the deaths of 27 refugees in the English Channel. Some of our authors had already written articles about refugees, migration and about the rise in racism fuelled by government pronouncements before the tragedy. We publish them today.

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