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Welcome to Critical Mass issue 10. Our first Christmas edition! To mark the occasion we donned our business suits, picked up a cheese board selection and some fine wines from Waitrose and headed off to Downing Street for a garden party working lunch. But they wouldn’t let us in. We’d even brought a dog. So what was the problem? No Carrie? We had at least one wife between us to make it official. Still no joy.

“So what do we have to do,” we asked?

“Come back during a lockdown. There’s bound to be another one soon. And make sure you are the government. Preferably Tories but we could make an exception for Starmer’s mob.”

“But what about the rules?”

“Rules are made for Them not Us. Hey, you’re not one of Them are you?”

At this point, in line with the finest traditions of investigative journalism, we made our excuses and left.

So there you are, readers. Do your stuff. Vote Critical Mass and we will deliver wine and cheese for all. Well, all of the Critical Mass editorial team anyway. The rest of you may have to wait until the economic situation improves.

Meanwhile this issue of Critical Mass has a Christmassy feel to it. Plenty of snowflakes for you to enjoy and we will see you all again next year. Until then, don’t forget our daily news story. There will be a Christmas catch up on Monday 27 December and normal service resumes on Tuesday 28 December. Don’t forget to subscribe to get our regular newsletters and PDFs. Happy Holidays!

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