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This month’s issue focuses on the international situation as well as including all of our regular items. The war in Ukraine has dominated our lives in recent weeks. At times like these it is easy to feel isolated and demoralised. What can we do to make a difference, faced with the horror of war in the Ukraine and the every present threat of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO? We have responded at Critical Mass by writing regular bulletins and analysis for our daily news items. Now we want you to write. As Susie Granic put it in her article we published this morning about The Write For Peace Campaign

“We are asking people – you – to write to your MP and tell them that a negotiated peace is the only solution.”

Please read the article and follow the links to a model letter and a guide to how to find and contact your MP.

We also urge anyone who can get there to attend the demonstrations for UN Anti-Racism Day marches being held this Saturday in London and Glasgow, and on Sunday in Cardiff. By coming together we can draw strength from each other.

We need to get organised as well. Join campaigning organisations like Stop the War and CND. Support Critical Mass. You can subscribe to our newsletter, below and, if you can afford it, donate to help ensure we can keep going.

So there you have it. Write for Peace. March for Peace. Organise for Peace.

Peace and Solidarity from all at Critical Mass.

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