Critical Mass’s Big Quiz

This quiz was designed by Ann Marcial and she says that most people should be able to get at least 6 out of the 8 questions. Don’t worry. If you don’t manage it, just reload the page to get different questions. And, remember, this is just for fun but feel free to use the share buttons if you want to tell the world how well or badly you have done.

#1. Katheryn Dowds, 28, Jake Handling, 27, and Josh Smith, 29, pleaded guilty to offences committed at the Kingsbury oil terminal. Under which legislation were they arrested?

#2. What profession did Paul Robeson qualify in?

#3. Which of these directors is Dyslexic

#4. The Panama Canal connects 2 oceans, one is the Atlantic which is the other.

#5. The bookies (Betting Office) have a list of contenders to be the next PM, who is currently (May 2023) polling at the top of that list

#6. Why were Marcus Decker and Morgan Trowland given custodial sentences recently?

#7. Which ailment is mentioned in the title of a film about King George 111

#8. Which Political Journalist created the Charity ' Speakers for Schools'?



Well done you are clearly well informed.

Bad luck. Remember this is only for fun.