Critical Mass’s Big Quiz

This quiz was designed by Ann Marcial and she says that most people should be able to get at least 6 out of the 8 questions. Don’t worry. If you don’t manage it, just reload the page to get different questions. And, remember, this is just for fun but feel free to use the share buttons if you want to tell the world how well or badly you have done.

#1. How many Languages did Paul Robeson sing in for peace and justice?

#2. Who started the 'high 5' ritual

#3. The Palestinian word Nakba translates as

#4. Which country did the allies reportedly bomb with 2.1 million pop tarts in 2001-2002

#5. Which politician gave doctors and nurses a pay rise of 30%, the biggest pay rise in their history?

#6. Which Director produced the film '25th Hour'?

#7. Which country of the UK did Paul Robeson support striking miners

#8. Who is the Greenpeace Co-Founder?



Well done you are clearly well informed.

Bad luck. Remember this is only for fun.