At Critical Mass we oppose the Russian invasion and support calls for a cease fire to the war in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops so that negotiations can take place to achieve a lasting peace.

The war has generated a lot of argument on the Left, and against the Left. In order to respond in a timely manner this page will continually update with links to articles from our writers as events unfold. We may not always agree but we share some common ground.

  • We oppose the invasion as an unjustified act of aggression by Putin
  • We are also critical of Western governments especially the UK and the USA, and of NATO for pursuing policies that have contributed to the current crisis. THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE PUTIN’S DECISION TO INVADE. That is on him entirely.
  • We need analysis and understanding of what went wrong in the past if we are to shape the future.
  • Neutrality is not appeasement. We need voices for peace to be heard above the clamour for war.


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Thank you from the editors and writers of Critical Mass Magazine.

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