The Torywock image from Pexels with embellishments by Mel Cakey.
(Acknowledgements to Lewis Carroll)
‘Twas May and the slimy Cons
Did want to get all our votes
But they lie to us, the electorate
And write themselves credit notes.
Beware voting for the lying Cons,
Their hands that grab, their mouths that lie.
They’ll never ever tell the truth,
Who’d vote for them?  Not I.
We must take our vorpal votes in hand,
Long time the Tories have been here.
Let’s vote them out!  Them and their gout!
And not allow them anywhere near.
And while we’re here to vote them out,
We could call a National strike.
That would bring the country to its knees
And tell the Tories to take a hike.
One strike.  Two strikes.  Maybe more
And the country would grind to a halt.
Our collective power would show this shower,
Because it’s they who are truly at fault.
We could slay this Torywock,
And then we’d be dancing in the streets.
What a wonderful day!  Hoorah, hooray!
When it’s goodbye to the Tory cheats.
‘Twas Strike time and the Greedy Cons
Did just what the people said.
We’ll be so glad!  They’ll be so sad
When our National Strike turfs them all out of bed.
The End

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