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At #UnderTheRainbow, under the Rainbow Bridge on Deptford High Street, next to Deptford Mainline Train station 

We Care Food Bank at Kath’s Place, 50 Friendly Street, Deptford SE8 4DR, has just bought a trashed phone box under the Rainbow Bridge next to Deptford Mainline station on Deptford High Street, South East London, a space that has been anything but welcoming to those getting on and off the train at Deptford.

Whilst the area lacks a public loo, the phone box has brought a new meaning to ‘spending a penny’! We Care intend to create the world’s first 24/7 Community Hub, with a book swap library, a free stuff shelf, and listings and directions on how to access everything locally – from whom to call if you’re fleeing domestic violence, if you’re lonely or have mental health issues, who to call if you’re homeless, to how to get help NOW. If you have a lousy landlord, there will be advice on which solicitor to contact to get free legal help, if you are new to the area, how to contact your local choir, walking group or book club. There will also be information on how to access emergency food, help and advice 24/7. No one plans to have a crisis, so, when you do, how and where do you start to get help? We believe #UnderTheRainbow will put the heart and soul back into the centre of Deptford. It will also, in partnership with local community coffee shops, like Deptford Quirk, Deptford Gaff, and Kath’s Place, offer a free takeaway tea or coffee to anyone who is finding the cost of living crisis such that even a coffee or a tea out is a luxury.

#UnderTheRainbow will be opened by Deptford Legend Barbara Raymond. We hope that ALL residents, visitors, and workers in the area will come to love this project and, in itself, will bring people back to the high street. We hope it will boost greater community cohesion in a way communities around the world can copy and, like us, create such a space from fresh air, the kindness of strangers, and the will to support anyone in our community in a crisis. Any one of us could need this.

We Care Food Bank is fundraising to pay for the phone box to be deep cleaned, fitted out securely, and for the rainbow signage which, as you walk past, will give positive messages, such as “You Look Great Today”.

We Care bank with the Cooperative Bank Lewisham, Account Number 65659328, sort code 08-92-99

You can also donate with Paypal or contact Ray Media Inquiries, If you are working and making a donation, please send us an email so we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. 

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