"brexit cartoon" by vfutscher is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
The Tories had to make a cunning plan.
They were so terrified of the Socialist man
They had to make him taste so sour
That the people would put them back in power.
They enlisted the help of a strategy guy
Who really knew how to inflate a lie
And he persuaded the People that Brexit is great
So they’d vote for the Tories and his new bestest mate
Then the Tories yelled “the socialist is an anti-Semite”
And he had right-wing journos at his door day and night.
The People were bombarded with media lies
About the Socialist man and fake terrorist ties.
In a very short time, these lies seemed so real
That the Tories brought many of the People to heel.
They threw so much mud that much of it sticks
But now to work!  They had an election to fix.
The Tories had evil plans up their sleeve
As they persuaded the People it was best to ‘Leave’.
The real reason for Brexit was lost by media confusion,
And their promised sunny uplands were just an illusion.
The Tories wanted to avoid the new EU tax law
And keep their millions safe in havens offshore.
“Get Brexit Done!” was their battle cry,
Knowing the unicorns they promised were really a lie.
They won their Brexit election with a huge majority
Then made destroying our NHS a high priority.
They’re selling if off piece by piece, bit by bit
Telling us to ‘go private’ knowing we can’t afford it.
We’ve staff shortages in hospitals and care homes too,
Because the tories banned workers coming from the EU.
There’s hardly anyone to harvest the seasonal yields.
So fruit and veg now sits and rots in the fields.
Our Farmers can barely afford a vet
And so many families are in poverty and debt.‘
Shrinkflation’ means smaller portions though prices soar
But the Tories don’t care about the poor.
There’s a lack of HGV drivers from the EU
And a shortage of drivers from the UK too
Because their conditions are terrible and wages so low
Who can blame new drivers for not wanting to know?!
Blood tests have declined by 25%
Because the glass test-vials are no longer sent.
Sewage is being pumped into rivers and the sea:
one more Tory enviromental calamity.
Energy companies now need bailing out,
“We’ll need loads more money!” they greedily shout.
Their grasping bosses and Brexit has sent the prices up higher
So now people are too afraid to turn on their fire.
This winter, people will have to choose to eat or to heat
And just lighting a candle will be considered a treat.
We wonder where the promised sunlit uplands went,
Tory winter is coming and will bring discontent.
We have more people in poverty than ever before,
Children go hungry but don’t dare ask for more.
Brexit is the toxin that just keeps ‘giving’,
But only harms people who must work for a living.
Like Marie-Antoinette, they know we’ll soon have no bread
And like her they’ll presume we’ll eat cake instead
The consequences of their Brexit are so numerous and BIG
But the fat greedy Tories do not give a Fig.
The End.
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