I never cease to be amazed at events that change the meaning of life. Sometimes it is something that can be so innocuous as to be absurd. Some times it is trivial but curious, and on some occasions it doesn’t make any sense but has huge ramifications for so many people. I am highlighting just a few examples below that to me are absurd.

Whilst out driving recently, I became acutely aware that I was swerving all over the road trying to avoid potholes. Potholes cause distress to drivers and many people have had tires shredded by them. Cyclists are suffering physical injuries as a result of hitting  holes, it can endanger life in some circumstances. It shouldn’t be happening, and the reason we have so many potholes is because the support grant to local authorities has been cut year on year since 2010. The roads are way down the list for repair as local authorities are required by law to fund statutory services. I’m just surprised people aren’t being pulled over by the police at night and breathalysed for swerving all over the road.

I understand from vets that cats only have three taste buds, so why am I and a majority of the cat-loving population buying into the marketing of cat food and trying to find that one product that lovely Freddie will enjoy forever? Why am I finding different flavours of Licky Licks, convinced his particular favourite is ‘Liver sausage and cat grass’ and going out of my way to locate said product? There are many products and manufacturers for cat foods, which compete in price and quality. I was once told that pet food was manufactured under stricter hygienic conditions than human food. I spend more time trying to choose food for him than I do myself, and I have met many people in the cat food aisle who put their furry darlings first. Totally absurd.

My main passions are the NHS and justice for Palestine, which of course are extremely important and very serious campaigns and which people get very vocal and feel impassioned about. 

Recently someone I was talking to was explaining to me that she had spent days trying to get an appointment for a friend in her eighties who was poorly with a nasty cough. Every time she rang her GP practice she was told there were no physical or phone appointments left. In the end this woman went and queued outside the surgery and managed to book a phone appointment. When the doctor spoke to the woman who was ill, she asked a couple of questions then asked the woman to put the phone to her chest so she could listen to her wheeze. What if this woman has cancer, or some other serious lung condition, what could the doc detect through layers of clothing by a receiver on a phone? The doctor then said she would be prescribed antibiotics.

I was staggered by this. It begs the question where are we going to be regarding health care in two years time;  is it likely we will be sent plastic gloves and petroleum jelly through the post so we can give ourselves internals guided by a phone call from the doc? This is absurd.

The Jewish Chronicle is an extremely divisive newspaper that is pro-Israel and regularly sues people for claims of antisemitism and has lost most of them. I imagined it had a huge circulation because it is so influential. Tony Greenstein in his blog report this week wrote that millions of pounds are given to this newspaper to support its existence. No one knows who its main backers are and no one will say. This is a closely guarded secret. The number of lawsuits they have lost and the compensation they have been ordered to pay by the courts are phenomenal. It is extraordinary that a newspaper whose circulation is around 12,192, and of that 5,990 are given away free, can still keep publishing. So how does a newspaper with such a small circulation remain so powerful in mainstream media circles? To me it’s absurd.

If you support Palestine and have been campaigning since 7th October, you will be aware of the vitriol being shown towards Palestinian supporters for marching in their thousands to keep highlighting the plausible genocide of the Palestinian people. We have been talked about as a hate group, we incite violence, and we are supporting terrorists. Our chants have been redefined as hate speech and campaigners have been arrested for saying them.

One of my friends has a small flag on her allotment; she was contacted by the council and asked to remove it because it had offended someone. She responded by saying, “the genocide offends me so I wont take it down”. It is this ridiculous attitude towards holding or displaying a national flag which quite frankly indicates the fragility of people’s identity that they feel so threatened by it. Again this is absurd.

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