Inspired by ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear.

The giraffe and the anteater went on the road 
In a purple painted camper van.
They took a packed lunch and nibbles to munch
And maybe fry something up in their pan.
Around about one, they stopped in a field 
And the giraffe spread out their rug
They ate three sandwiches each, a banana and a peach
And drank their tea from a small tin mug, tin mug, drank their tea from a small tin mug.
The anteater decided to have a snooze
And the giraffe read his favourite book
But when the sky turned grey, they thought they’d better not stay
‘Cause they’d left their umbrella at home on its hook.
They jumped in the van and drove away
The anteater said, “Where shall we go?
Somewhere indoors.  I don’t want muddy paws,”
Giraffe pondered then said, “I know!” I know, the giraffe then said, “I know!”
So the giraffe drove them straight to a bowling alley
And after they’d both changed their shoes
They heard a loud voice say, “There’s a contest on today!
With a prize you wouldn’t want to lose!”
The giraffe bowled first and knocked down five pins
Then the anteater knocked down seven.
The opposing pair, a frog and a hare
Between them knocked down eleven, eleven, between them they knocked down eleven.
The next team to beat was a sheep and a camel
And the giraffe knocked over eight pins.
Then the sheep got four, the anteater got one more
Then the camel missed and knocked down a bin.
Now there was only one team left to beat,
A crocodile and a small trout.
The croc went first but did the worst
‘Cause not a single pin was bowled out, bowled out, not a single pin was bowled out.
The giraffe bowled second and knocked down two 
Then it was the small trout’s go.
He stood up tall and hurled that ball
But then started shouting “Oh no!”
The small trout’s ball hit the lane with a thud
Then started heading the wrong way
The trout looked bereft but then it veered to the left
And he scored the first ‘Strike’ of the day, the day, he scored the first strike of the day.
The last one to bowl was the anteater,
And she stepped up with the ball in her paw
Then stooped down low and bowled her ball slow
She couldn’t watch but the others looked on in awe.
The anteater kept her eyes tight shut
But the giraffe was much braver than she.
The ball first went straight but swerved left late
And she scored a winning Strike for all to see, to see, a winning strike for all to see.
The whole of the crowd at the bowling alley
Erupted into thunderous applause.
They all clapped and cheered then the judge appeared
And said, “Congrats!  Yours are the highest scores!”
The giraffe and the anteater were ever so pleased
To have won a fancy dinner date!
The anteater blushed and off they rushed
‘Cause they didn’t want to be late, be late, they didn’t want to be late.
Their dinner date was at a restaurant in town,
Where the giraffe had never been.
“I hope they serve fruit!  Should I be wearing a suit?”
“No!  You’re the smartest giraffe I’ve ever seen!”
The giraffe and the anteater had a wonderful meal
Then pineapple and mango brûlée.
After they’d done, they carried on with their fun
And danced the whole night away, away, they danced the whole night away.
The end

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