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2 thought on “Sunday Socialist May 8”
  1. Only enjoyed the last word, though it could have mentioned recallable delegates or participatory budgets? I so want a socialist newsletter I could distribute, something that informs and educates people? This issue was all about labour and Starmer fuck them! Labour’s never been socialist never can be give me a break.

    1. Thanks for you comment Nigel. It was focussed on the local elections and to a large extent we were watching to see how Labour did. I agree with you we need to move on from Labour. I also agree that recallable reps and budgets that were decided on local priorities could be reforms worth fighting for. As I said not everybody on Critical Mass necessarily agrees with me, and it would be great to have more people involved representing different shades of left opinion. If you get to read this and fancy writing something, please do.

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