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3 thought on “Sunday Socialist January 29th”
  1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes I am disabled, with brain damage and Dyslexia writing is always a chore just putting that together took over an hour I hope you understand. I also tried to send this in via your reply but that is not currently working on Sunday at 3.55 PM BTW!

  2. >>What peace process? Exactly! In any other conflict,
    the United Nations would be involved. There would be diplomatic channels open to
    negotiating a ceasefire with at least the prospect of a peace settlement.

    Sigh, I am a socialist but there is a nasty streak of appeasement masquerading as the stop-the-war brigade. I may want the killing stopped but you really have to examine what Putin will demand and be given. Just look at how our own government bent over and helped their Russian friends, Sansions I hear you say let’s see how well they work. Half the world trades with Rissia and ignores these sanctions already more will achieve nothing!. There is way too much dirty Russian money swilling around Tory bank accounts already.

    Let’s examine what peace talks will achieve it’s simple Russia will want to keep the land they have stolen hell this is the 3 or 4th time this playbook has worked! Claim large ‘Russian speaking’ group is being abused claimed to come to their rescue put in puppet regime and keep the land and then rinse and repeat…

    Why should we keep on giving him more land do you not get the goal to recover all the land back to the old USSR days? These men Putin is just the latest in a long line of Russian ‘hard men’ that hunker back to the cold war days when they believe Russia was feared and respected. So we give up on Ukraine and put in the corrupt UN troops so they can start the human trafficking, and drug running? Oh sorry there to help of course!

    Before suggesting the UN puts troops in the country you might want to check their records, especially after Bosnia do we need another slave market? Ukraine will get invaded again then once that falls on to Poland. When do you say no more, when there are Russian tanks in Germany?

    I can guess the response that’s not what I want but this is real life, not talking will help fantasy! There is no negotiation with Putin only his demands. He doesen’t care how many lives are lost only victory and the reinstatement of the Russian might and land lost to his country as he sees it. It’s quite simple here either we stand up and say no more give back the stolen lands and pay reparations. Or we appease that’s your choice. Realistically any call for peace talks will be seen as acceptance that he has won and appeasement. Plus giving in will allow Russia to landlock Ukraine taking away their main ports. Clearly this is the main objective of this after taking Crimea! So your way cripples the country. Oh, I am sure he will claim to allow them to ship thought it at only a 300% markup on the price…

    I have no faith in the Un there useless they never achieve anything! Just more talk from ‘Experts’ all asking for a huge salary and nothing ever get’s done. The use of corrupt UN troops especially from poorer countries is beyond stupid! Just look at the real history of what they did and will do again before asking for UN troops.

    OK, the sole exception is British troops under the UN, but do you really want to station British troops right where Russian troops are? There will be incidents, murders and border raids.

    Just look at how often Russian aircraft try and enter our airspace and have to be pushed back. Russia only understands strength, never weakness and certainly never appeasement. You may see peace talks as not appeasement but you have to look at the ideology and history of Putin’s Russia to understand his motives and goals.

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