Ann Marcial holding a banner in a spotlight beam

Ann Marcial is part of the editorial team at Critical Mass. She was a founding member of Creating Socialism.

She descended into socialism from the age of 21.  Survived Thatcher and the threat of nuclear war.  Became a union activist, ending up as a Convenor. Retired to a Caribbean island to run a friends B&B.

She weathered a scary existence and among other things became a political campaign manager and wrote comedy which she says were “very similar roles”. She married a comedian,  returned to England then followed Corbyn.

Which book do you think all socialists should read?Karl Marx quotes
What was the most important event in the history of socialism?Jeremy Corbyn being elected as leader of the Labour Party
Who would you rate as the outstanding political leader of your generation?Fidel Castro
Which film should socialists watch?Cathy Come Home
Which single political event was most instrumental in your political development?Election of Margaret Thatcher as Tory PM
With which historical socialist do you most identify?Barbara Castle
Which single reform could make capitalism work?Taxing the rich.
Have you ever been on strike, if so, did you win?Yes, several times, no not really there were compromises
Do you think we can get socialism through the ballot box?No!
What do you do when you are not doing politics?Advocacy, comedy, Theatre and time with friends. Also, my role as a Trustee keeps me busy.
Do you ever feel like giving up politically and why don’t you?No, I always find that extra bit of enthusiasm to keep going. It’s in my blood and I don’t want to let future generations down.
Are you an optimist or a pessimist when you think of the future for the left?Optimist
Is socialism inevitable?No
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