Nigel is comprehensive school educated, semi-literate on leaving school, self-educated. Militant got me reading more; worked in factories for 20 years as fitter, care and mental health support for 15 years. Moved towards anarchism after militant, as they could not answer big questions on ends not justifying means and why Stalin wouldn’t happen again. He can’t happen if you are moral and democratic. 
I was in a motorcycle club for 20 years, not politically active.

Do you think we can get socialism
through the ballot box?
No not through parliament, I think a
strong, municipal socialist movement that
puts democracy and agency with people
could create dual power and challenge the
Which book do you think all socialists should read?Ursula le Guin: The Dispossessed;
Abel Paz:
Durruti in the Spanish Revolution;

Maxim Gorky: childhood trilogy;
Rutger Bregman: Humankind.
Nestor Makhno.
Tell us about one of the political activities that you have taken part in.Anti-Iraq war demonstrations. Miners’ Strike marches, police attacked the last anti-Iraq war march – that was fun.
If you had to name just one, who would you rate as the outstanding political leader of all time?Durruti

Is there a film you would recommend to other socialists and why?
Mad Max for a look at the future, Easy Rider, Star Wars
If you could travel back in time, which era would you go to and why?1917 to give the Socialist Revolutionary Party member Fanny Kaplan target practice and Lenin and Trotsky home address
Which single political event was most instrumental in your political development?Thatcher making me unemployed, Miners’ Strike
With which historical figure do you most identify and why?Tough one, couldn’t say. Most admire? Malcolm X, or Murray Bookchin perhaps? And Abdullah Öcalan, still in prison in Turkey.
Is there a reform which you think could make capitalism work for everybody and what is it?Removing 2000 billionaires, making property publicly-owned and making decisions sovereign at ward level
Do you think we can get socialism through the ballot box?No
What do you do when you are not doing politics?Powerlifting, strongman training, motorcycling, archery, caring for mother, garden slave
Do you ever feel like giving up politically and why don’t you?If you don’t have belief you’d be desolate, without reading and learning, life would have been like the bar scene in Educating Rita, dreams and idealism trump hate and greed
Are you an optimist or a pessimist when you think of the future for the left?I’m optimistic I’ll get some revenge
What is the working class and are you part of it?With the deindustrialising of Britain and the increase in service, social and clerical type jobs, the improvement in education and the huge wealth gap where I think only about 5% make over £80,000? I think 80% of us are working class, the revolution will be everyone, not small social groups, though Britain could be shut by lorry drivers.
What steps are necessary to save the planet from environmental destruction?Ending stock exchanges, banks and all multinationals
When you think of the future how would you like to think the world will look?Read Murray Bookchin

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