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By Fiat Knox, reporting … from home (An outsider’s view of Labour’s 2021 Conference)

It’s been hard to describe the state of the Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer (as of the time of writing, September 27, 2021); not because the issues are too complex, but because Starmer’s rushed policies and blatant toadying are unspeakable.

But Starmer is not having it all his own way because, this morning, Rachel Reeves promised that Labour’s next government would sort out Britain’s tax system. And she promised to reclaim money handed out by the government to private contractors. She also promised to reverse outsourcing and bring jobs back. And she promised to make the richest people pay.

And the camera always cut to the party leader’s face, just to catch Starmer’s sour look. Starmer looked like a bulldog trying to lick vinegar from a stinging nettle. He does not like Rachel Reeves’ promises.

It makes you wonder whose policies he does like.

Choice Of Words

There was one good sign, earlier at Conference, when Angela Rayner denounced the Tories. And she used the words “a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute vile, banana republic, nasty, Etonians.” But the only word the establishment don’t like is the word “scum.” Even if they don’t mind if Tory MPs make jokes about sending bombs to Labour MPs.

Choice of Colours

The Labour Conference banner had an odd colour scheme. Because it looked as if the Labour red were turning into a Tory blue.

And commentators had some words to say about the banner outside the Labour Conference. Such as The Skwawkbox, who posted a telling article about it:-

Red turning to blue. Very disturbing symbolism.

It does look as if someone wants the world to know that Labour is turning Tory, doesn’t it?

Changing The Rules

Have you played a board game where someone tried to change the rules so that they would always win? Because it always feels like cheating.

And this is what happened at Conference, when Starmer changed the way Labour elects members.

John McDonnell MP tweeted:-

Glimmer of Light

But there are still moments of hope at Conference. Because the Labour Conference just passed this vote:-

And just to confirm, from a second source:-

Last Word

And people are getting in some solid protests, such as the T shirt in the photo in this tweet. Although the blue background on the screens is off-putting.

Not All Over Yet

The Labour Party Conference continues until Wednesday, September 29. So the fight for Labour’s heart, and future policies, is still going on. And at least there is some hope left, for now.

One thought on “Red To Blue – Labour Conference 2021”
  1. Of course its over for Labour running consistently way behind the Tories who have made a shambles out of Brexit and which is privatising the NHS even during Covid where all its health policies were left unchallenged.
    Blairism which Starmer is seeking to revive began collapsing in 97 as people if not through any particular
    issue began to develop a gut adversity to presentational politics as seen in the recent Lab Conference.Voters may not know Starmers pledges by heart but are preceiving they were all hollow and dont and cant trust him.Hes unelectable. “We agree” say many who cling on to Labs presentational wreckage and push to the R, but a “leadership challenge can change that “AS IF even were there a repeat of a Corbyn centre -left leadership,a hugely hostile PLP would show loyalty and support and not deliberately seek to smear and undermine this leader,a wholly thankless job,just as before. The PLP has basically the same people in it none of whom any sensible person would want as friends, and within a few weeks would be planning alongside media to destroy any such leader with lies,smears and open disloyalty. Corbyns movement has lost its energy.Its already deep within a cul-de-sac and the longer it hangs on the fantasies that the 2019 GE wasnt a generational defeat for the L which can never recover within Lab,the less support it will attract.The window is closing. One party politics is almost upon us . Much of the stay and change understanding lacks insights into the lessons of Lab history whilst those who think they can change things outside Parliament should consider that 1,000,000 people came out to march against our involvement in the Iraq War and were completely ignored.Even Hitler realised he had to win the German state or remaim only as a protest group on the sidelines.No Corbyns peace group i admire in its aims changes nothing,and is to all intents and purposes just another talkshop and a paper tiger

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