Our Values

Critical Mass is a platform for those who believe that capitalism and neo-liberalism are incapable of taking society forward. It champions the view that socialism is the means to liberate not just the working class but all classes. Our socialism prioritises collective action conducted by people who respect each other and are prepared to tolerate opposing views without resorting to either physical or verbal violence. We are internationalist, anti-imperialist and anti-colonial. 

We believe that the climate emergency should be at the forefront of socialist thought.

We oppose all forms of discrimination based on arbitrary characteristics.

To this end: 

Critical Mass will not publish anything which encourages hatred against any group based on racist beliefs.

Critical Mass encourages the full participation of people on the left regardless of sexual orientation and will not publish articles that seek to denigrate or encourage hatred against people based on their sexual or gender orientation.

We will not print articles which seek to denigrate and/or marginalise people with disabilities.

We believe that relations between people on the left should be characterised by respect and discussion. Those who fail to abide by these have no place on Critical Mass. We will not publish anything by writers who engage in bullying behaviour, no matter how justified they may feel it to be.

Our primary aim is to provide a safe space for socialists to debate and refine their arguments. We will not prevent discussion on any of these issues but expect our writers to show sensitivity and to support their arguments with facts. 

Any material submitted which, in the view of the editorial team, is opposed to our founding principles will be referred back to its author, who will have an opportunity to amend.

The decision of the editor remains final where agreement cannot be reached.

This is our code of conduct, as agreed by our writers and editors. We will, of course, revisit this at regular intervals.

Critical Mass welcomes contributions from writers from the broad spectrum of the left. We accept contributions on a variety of topics within the parameters outlined in this statement. 

Regular contributors will be given a login so that they can upload their own material. 

New or irregular contributors can submit material to editor@creatingsocialism.org