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Socialist of many years. Former Labour member. Currently presenter of The Socialist Hour.
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Life long socialist. Now retired, I have been an office junior, a bookseller, a docker and a teacher. I write a lot and read a lot more. Committed member of the Society of Authors, English PEN and the National Education Union. Uncommitted member of the Labour Party. Will they expel me before my direct debit expires?
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Socialist always. Journalist and ESL teacher while travelling the world in better days. Times change, my values have not. I am grateful to Critical Mass for giving me the opportunity to write for ‘the masses’ once more. and it is such a pleasure. During difficult times it has giving me something to focus on while also contributing as part of a team.  We all write for nothing but I still need to earn a living so if you enjoy reading my work and would like to help me continue I would appreciate any donation, however small, from anyone that can afford it. Link here: https://www.paypal.me/susiejgranic And you can also read my blogs on https://revbluessusie.blogspot.com Thank you all for your support.
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Luke is a founding member of the @EthicalRenewal collective and author of Short Conversations: During the Plague (2020), Intelligent Ethics (2019) and Ethical Intelligence (2019).
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Pondering life and all it's wonders, sixty seconds at a time. Generally trying to be positive and amusing, but usually ending up ranty and cross. Has been known to put things to music, or to produce works that are considerably longer than sixty seconds, so be warned. https://sixtysecondscribe.com for books and things.
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