Mugwort the cat was by the window,
Gazing out into the Hallowe’en night.
The sun had gone down almost two hours ago,
Now there was only moonlight.
Apart from all the glowing pumpkin lanterns,
Beside many of the neighbour’s front doors
With their jagged grins and triangular eyes.
Muggie started washing her paws.
She’d seen so very many Hallowe’ens before
And with them, she was rather bored
She’d asked so nicely to go out with Witch Hazel
But her meows had just been ignored.
Witch Hazel had gone off to a party
For her usual Samhain night of fun
All of the local witches would be going
Except for this small, furry one.
But this year Muggie had her own plans!
And had invited her friends round as well
This Hallowe’en would be more fun than usual!
Thanks to Muggie’s new-fangled spell.
Just then came a tapping at the cat-flap
And so Muggie went to see who was there
Her best friend Lavender had arrived at last
With poppy seeds all stuck in her hair.
Just one moment later Peppermint arrived
Then old Sage followed him through.
Rosemary, as usual was last to arrive 
Each wondered what this new spell would do.
The cats trooped off to the tiny kitchen,
To the cauldron and magick making gear.
Each one had brought an ingredient for the spell.
Muggie had very ambitious plans for this year.
Somehow they managed to light the candle
Then into the cauldron they threw,
The poppy seeds and some salt and eggshells
Then water to mix up their brew.
All five cats stood in a circle, holding paws
And waited for the signs to be seen
Seconds later they were transformed into children
Ready for Trick-or-Treating on this Hallowe’en.
The cats had all ‘become’ twelve year olds
Just for this one special All Hallow’s Eve
They took Witch Hazel’s spare hat to carry treats
And Pepper popped an extra bag up his sleeve.
Muggie looked excitedly at the others
But saw that Lavender had turned quite pale
As she saw that Sage and Rose still had cat ears
And Pepper somehow had still got his tail.
Muggie shrugged and led her friends next door
And Lavender rang their bell
“Trick or Treat!” they all chorused when it was answered
And were given sweeties and popcorn as well.
The next house they visited was a tiny bit scary
The door was opened by a hair-raising ghost!
But the cats all laughed at that costume
And the huge axe hanging up on a post.
The lady at the big house opposite
Was dressed up as a purple vampire
Her headless friend brought a bowl of lollies,
While all dressed in Elizabethan attire.
The couple at number five brought out chocolate
And the bag Pepper brought came in handy
Because number eight gave them all jellybeans
And several packets of lime popping-candy.
Witch Hazel’s hat was completely full
And the bag was stuffed with treats
So the cats thought they’d better stop collecting now
They had so many scrumptious things to eat.
They all headed slowly back to Muggie’s house
And in through the door they went
Then straight to the lounge to eat sweet snacks
Before their Magick was spent.
They ate all of their treats and goodies
Whilst they were still Magick children that night!
Because Hallowe’en treats are not good for cats
But for humans, they are quite alright.
About ten minutes to midnight Muggie said,
“Thanks for coming but you’d better pop off soon,
Witch Hazel will be home in half an hour, you know
After she’s paid her respects to the Moon.”
But her friends were all busy dancing around
And having the most wonderful night
They were not used to such a lot of sugar,
It really was a hilarious sight!
Pepper performed astounding gymnastics
Rose and Lavender danced a tango
Muggie twirled around with the broom
And Sage laughed at the resulting fandango.
At midnight, this Hallowe’en group of children
Changed back into Cats very fast
Old Sage was first then Lavender and Pepper
Then Rosemary and Muggie were last.
Earlier than expected, they all heard a noise
It was the sound of a key in the lock
Witch Hazel was back from the Samhain party
And four of the cats scarpered in shock.
Muggie quickly glanced around the lounge to check
And was relieved to see very little mess
Most of the wrappers had ended up in the bin.
If there’d been a party, you’d hardly guess.
Witch Hazel came straight from the door to the lounge
And lit a new fire in the grate.
“Hello Sweetie” she said as she stroked Muggie’s head,
“Sorry I’ve stayed out ‘til this late.”
“There seems to be something odd in my cauldron!
And my yellow candle!  Where is that?”
Then witch Hazel looked suspiciously at Muggie and said,
“Muggie, why is there popcorn in my hat?”
“Oh well, never mind, let’s have a snack before bed.”
But Muggie couldn’t possibly eat any more
“Have you already eaten tonight then, Muggie?
And why are there lolly-sticks all over the floor?”

The End.

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