Editor’s note: Mel submitted this list nice and early and a person who shall remain nameless (DM) missed it and failed to include it. So th

  1.  “In Dulci Jublio” I love the Jaunty Mike Oldfield version from 1970-something.  
  1. “Carol of the Bells” written in 1914 but best sung by Katie Melua and the Govi Women’s choir.
  1. “Dont let the Bells End” by The Darkness 2003.  So fun and a little bit naughty with its double entendres.  Joyful.
  1. “Fairy Tale of New York” The Pogues n Kirsty MacColl Classic of despair, heartbreak, love and final understanding.
  1. “The twelve days of Christmas” classic children’s counting song.  Smiley and fun and we sing it every year at ours.
  1. “2000 thousand miles” The Pretenders 1983.  Poignant n beautiful song written for band’s guitarist who died. 
  1. “Stop the Cavalry” Jona Lewie 1978.  It’s not Christmas til I’ve heard this!
  1. “Lonely this Christmas” Mud 1974.  Been hearing this all my life, thought it was Elvis but no its better than “Blue Christmas”.
  1. “Little drummer boy/Peace on Earth” David Bowie n Bing Crosby 1977.  An astounding pairing that produced this magic!
  1. “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” Gene Autry.  Classic that was turned down by Bing Crosby!  Its so fun and I love it!
  1. “The Holly and the Ivy” written in 1911, its my fave carol.  Full of Pagan symbolism.  Just utterly gorgeous.
  1. “I believe in Father Christmas” 1975 Greg Lake.  Clever lyrics and timeless tune.  It’s utterly wonderful.

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