THE UNITED Nations has described the Tories’ latest racist outburst against refugees as “a clear breach of the Refugee Convention. And remember, even people with very compelling claims will simply not have the opportunity to put these forward.”

Meanwhile, the British media are united in giving tacit, and often explicit, support to the plan to summarily deport anybody who attempts to enter the UK seeking asylum. As we reported yesterday, “the hostile culture being created will have a long and lasting impact on everyone.”

Yesterday’s news focussed on three aspects of the story. Sections of the tabloid press are cock-a-hoop that racist policies they have supported for years are finally making it on to the UK statute. Much of the right-wing press are baying for Gary Lineker for, largely, stating facts. Truth is, of course, they do not like intelligent, highly-paid, individuals who use their fame for anything but hedonistic pursuits and supporting right-wing causes. And then we have the so-called liberal press which is supporting Labour’s claim that the Tories are simply not very efficient at stopping asylum seekers. Their moral outrage is contained by their support for a Labour Party they drooled over whilst destroying the previous leadership. Who, we might ask, is supporting the desperate people fleeing war, poverty and persecution?

At PMQs yesterday Keir Starmer had the opportunity to point out that people claiming asylum are not illegal, they have every right to do so. He could have said that the UK has a proud record of taking in refugees and is now one of the most illiberal countries in Europe. He could also have said that people do not take to small boats on a whim. It is an act of desperation by desperate people who deserve our help. He did none of those things.

Instead he reminded the Prime Minister that he had “promised the country that the Bill will stop all small boat crossings .. when will he achieve that?” Not is it the right policy, but will you implement it more efficiently?

With the opportunity to point out that numerous welfare organisations have been campaigning against the Rwanda policy, Sir Keir instead said: “He cannot say where they will return people, because they spent £140 million on Rwanda and it does not work.” It does not matter that the policy is immoral, only that the Government is not able to make it work.

The Daily Mail saw this latest piece of legislation as brave Tories defending our shores versus dangerous lefties, like Keir Starmer, who are in hock to open border activists. Guess whose side they are on? But one thing even the Daily Mail would applaud was Sir Keir’s attack on the asylum system when he claimed that asylum seekers “..sit in hotels and digs for months on end at the taxpayer’s expense.”

Critical Mass suggests that, if our political elite are really concerned to prevent refugees entering Britain, instead of dreaming up unworkable, and unlawful, schemes, they might stop supporting wars overseas, propping up dictatorships and supporting companies which are pursuing climate changing policies that result in people being made homeless. 

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