Protestors block the M25
Protestors in a standoff with police Photo courtesy of Insulate Britain

Protestors from Extinction Rebellion, using the name Insulate Britain, brought traffic on the M25 to a halt yesterday. The protest lasted for over 4 hours and angered motorists, some of whom reportedly left their vehicles to attack the protestors.

The protest is part of a month of protests leading up to the COP26 conference in Glasgow starting on October 31. Police reported that over 90 protestors were arrested as they failed to leave the motorway.

A driver who attacked the protestors was prevented from continuing his abusive behaviour by police. Much to the disgust of the Daily Mail, who, whilst pointing out that protestors were breaking section 137 of the Highways Act 1980, failed to note that members of the public do not have the legal right to attack protestors.

Good Morning Ridiculous

As if annoying the Daily Mail was not enough, the protestors even angered Susannah Reid, the Good Morning Britain co-host who, according to The Sun, which some people still regard as a newspaper, was ‘furious’. She berated Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Liam North on air claiming that the protest had somehow increased air pollution. It is this kind of incisive reporting that makes her worth every penny of her £750,000 a year salary.

The reaction of the national media would be, frankly, laughable, were the stakes not so high. Left to their own devices the establishment would continue to ignore the climate crisis as they seek to protect their own lavish lifestyles.

Code Red warning still in place

The United Nations have issued a code red report on the climate only a few weeks ago, but that was worthy of only a single news cycle. National papers are more interested in defaming the protestors than bothering to explain to their readers the consequences of doing nothing.

Greta Thunberg, the inspirational young Swedish woman who sparked a wave of school protests, said only three weeks ago that claims that the U.K. were leaders in reducing climate emissions were a lie. If it comes to a choice between Ms Thunberg and Boris Johnson, it should be obvious which one should be believed.

Support the XR vanguard

Extinction Rebellion should be seen for what they are; the vanguard of a movement to keep the planet safe for human habitation. Time is running out. Fast. Complaining about the actions of those trying to bring your attention to your inactivity is not the best reaction. Passing more laws to make protest harder is not the appropriate reaction. The only reaction is to say thank you for bringing this to our attention.and put pressure on the elites who are more than happy to wreck the planet rather than take the governmental action needed to reduce our carbon emissions now.

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