LONG Covid could affect around 65 million people worldwide according to the latest research. However, if you thought that this finding would be front page news, then think again.

‘Living with Covid’ has become, by default, ignoring it completely. American experts carried out a systematic review of research into Covid, looking at the symptoms associated with long Covid and found that the virus could affect numerous organs.

Commonly reported symptoms include chest pains, palpitations (associated with heart disease), coughs, difficulty with breathing (associated with lung disease), abdominal pain, nausea (associated with gastroenteritis), fatigue, memory loss, tinnitus (all associated with neurological disorders). The point is not that everybody will suffer severe illness as a result of long Covid but that a significant number have become at higher risk of severe illness than previously.

We might expect the NHS to be preparing for the increased incidence of a range of illnesses connected to long Covid. Indeed, NHS England has a plan which was published in July 2022. It proposes a range of measures to be taken to support those with long Covid. Given the number of cases, there are likely to be upwards of 2.2 million long Covid sufferers in England alone.

But there is a vital, and politically motivated, flaw in any plan to treat long Covid. To understand long Covid it is necessary for patients to be diagnosed with Covid itself. If you never had Covid then, logically, you cannot have long Covid. But in April 2022, two months prior to the publication of the long Covid plan, free Covid testing was discontinued for most people. There is no requirement at all to get tested if you think you may have Covid and, even if you do test positive, no requirement for you to inform the NHS. We have entered a period of denial around a virus still responsible for 891 deaths in England alone in the week up to 12th January.

The researchers conclude that “diagnostic and treatment options are currently insufficient”. They do not see this as politically motivated, and yet it is hard to draw any other conclusion. Reducing testing and now reducing the requirement to report Covid has been done because politicians accepted a narrative which said that ‘returning to normal’ was more important than protecting the population. An over-emphasis on the efficacy of vaccines which do not provide protection from the virus but merely mitigate its worst effects has led to an almost total media blackout on reports of research into Covid.

Meanwhile, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the rich and the famous are making sure they have access to full PCR testing. If you aren’t tested or you test positive, your pass is revoked. Inside the conference there is state of the art HEPA air filtration and Far-UVC lighting to kill airborne viruses. That is just what we need in all our schools and workplaces if we are to live safely with Covid. But, just as with long Covid, our media and politicians don’t want to know.

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