Issue 015

  • Free Julian Assange – He risks losing everything
    The intelligence services of each country have colluded, behind the backs of their national parliaments and without people’s knowledge, to ensure a truth teller can never be freely allowed to publish the truth about our decaying capitalist system, a system which has nothing left to support its goals but endless war and austerity. 
  • From the river to the sea…
    The Nakba (the forced displacement and ethnic cleansing of the majority of the Palestinian population) took place in 1948. It has been 74 years, almost three quarters of a century. In that time, the world has had ample opportunity to right the wrongs done to the Palestinian people, to censure and indeed stop the Israeli […]
  • Investigative journalism? A look back to when words truly were weapons
    AS we today complain, rightly so, of the dearth of good journalists in the mainstream media, I find myself re-reading Paul Foot’s ‘Words as Weapons’, and, for those who may have grown up without the benefit of seeing his investigative articles as they were published in newspapers from The Sun (yes, that much-reviled paper of […]
  • The UK Authoritarian Oligarchy and How to Oppose It
    Editors note: This article was received in our mailbox and whilst Critical Mass does not necessarily endorse every aspect of what is written here, we feel that it has sufficient merit to warrant further discussion. Any errors, however, are those of the author and Critical Mass Magazine does not accept responsibility. I was messaged on […]
  • Truth Is A Weapon
    Truth grenades are cognitive munitions which scatter the enemy’s lines. They’re an essential part of our weaponry against disinformation and spin – against false narratives which pretend that greed, selfishness and power-hunger are good, that they benefit ordinary people in their struggle to survive.
  • What sort of country are we? The detention of refugees in the UK shames us all
    Short-term holding facilities (STHFs), where arrivals are very often sent immediately, are reported to be in a particularly shameful state, and those confined in them are among the most forgotten and overlooked victims of Tory rule in Britain.
  • With The Miners
    Thatcher’s government pulled out all the stops to beat the miners, and the police were drafted in from all over the country to the front line, which was south Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Along with the cohorts of police – reputedly on £500 a week, in 1984! – came the army, who posed as policemen in unmarked uniforms, as well as Special Branch and all manner of spooks determined to break the strike.
  • Sense Out Of Nonsense: Northern Ireland, Brexit, and Liz Truss
    Northern Ireland has been prominent in the headlines in the week beginning 9th May. The situation has been a thorn in the side of the Tories since the Brexit referendum back in 2016.
  • Barates and Regina and Many More
    Barates and Regina will not be forgotten, thanks to archaeology. And history is rescuing more stories from our multicultural past.
  • Civil Service under attack again
    This has not stopped Boris Johnson joining the long line of ministers who see the civil service as an easy target for revenue savings, either through pay freezes, cuts, privatisation and contracting out, all under the guise of improving efficiency.
  • Alfred Linnell: the death of an ordinary man
    On December 18, Linnell was given a grand funeral. A huge procession of socialists, radicals, feminists, Irish Republicans and working people walked from the West End of London to the East, swelling to tens of thousands.
  • 91,000 Civil Servants Face the Sack
    91,000 civil servants face the sack to deal with the cost-of-living crisis. Let’s defend the civil servants and sack the government instead.
  • How forgotten peoples are kept in the margins
    People are marginalised by being ignored. Marx was right. We need to challenge the dominant ideology through struggle.
  • Welcome to Critical Mass Issue 15
    This month’s issue looks at forgotten people. There are people that our rulers would like us to forget, like the miners who fought the Thatcher government, the refugees held in detention and threatened with deportation or the Palestinians who are still struggling for freedom under the oppressive apartheid regime of the Israeli state. Then there […]
  • The Critical Mass Socialist Hour Episode 20
    In Episode 20 of the Socialist Hour Dave, Susie and Mike talk about the Buffalo murders, and Dave interviews Michelle Torez a social activist who has gone from being institutionalised to producing inspiraction for others in her situation. It is an honest and compelling listen.