Issue 016

  • Chess With Pigeons
    A popular saying says you never play chess with a pigeon. They’ll knock over all the pieces, soil the board and strut around as winners.
  • Grenfell Tower – a tragedy in three acts
    Grenfell – 72 residents died, the oldest an 84-year-old and the youngest an unborn baby. One of the many shocking statistics is that 40% of the disabled residents in Grenfell lost their lives. Fifteen of the 37 disabled residents and 17 of the 67 children living in Grenfell Tower died in the fire. 
  • Kath Duncan – 20th century Scottish activist
    Katherine Sinclair MacColl was born in 1889 in Tarbert, Argyll, but lived for most of her youth in Kirkcaldy, Fife, which she always considered her home. She was one of the most important political activists of the last century, but her leading role in the Communist Party has, until now, ensured that much about this amazing woman has been all but erased from both Scottish and English History.
  • Food inflation is now 52%
    Forget about inflation at 7.8%, our figures show food inflation is 52%. That is the real cost of rising prices.
  • Windrush scandal was 30 years in the making
    The Windrush scandal was 30 years in the making. Official policy in the UK has been driven by a racist agenda.
  • Gove’s Bonkerooney plan to move the Lords to Stoke.
    Michael Gove has a cunning plan. He wants the House of Lords to move to Stoke-on-Trent whilst the original is refurbished.
  • Europe – Myth and Reality
    The myth of a liberal and humane Europe does not always match up to the reality. Truth and lies are part of the story we tell ourselves.
  • The Day Will Come: Review
    Starring Sophia Grobel (of The Killing fame) and Lars Mickelsen (Borgen) the real stars are the children whose systematic abuse is portrayed.
  • The Fantastic Fluke.
    Twenty minute fiction. Ian Thompson passed the plate of sausage rolls to a suited man standing next to him and began to walk towards the dark haired woman in the mauve dress.  “Excuse me,” he said and passed through the crowd of suited men and briefcases all talking business at the annual general meeting of […]
  • The Lost Burdens – Chapter 6
    Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean and had the thought of a sea monster pulling you under, and you cannot escape?
  • Deep-rooted racism in Australia
    Farmers argued that the standards applied to European employees were out of place when dealing with Aboriginal workers. Some weren’t paid, or paid very little and treated poorly.
  • We Care at Kath’s Place
    Since We Care was launched as the UK’s largest independent food bank and advice and support hub in Lewisham in 2014, it has always ensured that, during school holidays, children and the hungry families they come from do not have to worry about putting food on the table.
  • Ethical clothing – can we afford it?
    Will the renewed interest in making ethical purchases become lost as more and more of us are now preoccupied with daily coping, as we struggle with rising costs, costs which are set to rise even further and cause even more hardship?
  • Question The Powerful
    Questioning the powerful is an anti-propaganda incendiary device for use in cognitive conflict. It’s a front line armament in our battle against the 21st Century pandemic of lies – a cluster munition for deployment against disinformation and deceit.
  • How is the economy doing
    I typed “how is the economy doing?” into Google and top hit was an article from Forbes magazine with precisely that title. What does it tell me? The stock market performed very well in 2020 and 2021.
  • What Is Aspiration?
    So the word ‘aspiration’ has become a particular neoliberal framing of those who ‘aspire’. It divides the nation into those who are worth something and those who are worthless; the ‘hardworking families’ on the one hand and the ‘benefit scroungers’ on the other.
  • Now is the Summer of Our Discontent
    Summer will bring no respite for the Tories as discontent turns to protest and strike action reminds us that class struggle is the way forward.