Well, after my last article I thought you may like an update.

I have garlic growing outdoors; mine is in the ground, but, as explained before, it could have been grown in pots. It will not be ready until about August, but as you can see they are healthy plants.

With regards to my potatoes in buckets, at eight weeks after planting, there is good and bad news. We have had some harsh frosts here in SW Wales and, in a ‘they’ll be fine’ moment, I forgot to cover some up and they were hit hard with a -2 temperature. I’ve had to pull off the frosted leaves and can only hope they will recover.

Luckily I had covered the rest and they are looking good.

We’re all watching the price of food rise on a week to week basis, but hopefully the weather will improve enough to eat salad regularly. Here are some other growing tips which do not take up much space and can be done on a sunny window sill.

Lettuce grown in compost in an old mushroom tray (make sure you put some holes in the base for drainage). Lettuce seed is quite cheap and just a sprinkling will give you some nice plants in a few weeks and you can cut and come back for more. If you sow a new tray full every couple of weeks, this could certainly help you have salad leaf throughout the summer.

Radishes are another easy salad; last year I grew some in soil in an old washing up bowl outside. As with lettuce, successional sowings will give you a constant supply.

Finally, a favourite with children – strawberries. Lidl have recently been selling stacking plant pots, but, if you shop around, you can find a cheaper source. I bought a set of six for £5 from flea-bay. You will then have to buy or ask your gardening friends for strawberry runners to plant. A simple planting will be ready this summer, and you will have lots of your own runners to plant next spring and hopefully strawberries for many years to come.

Good luck with your growing and hopefully with your food bills, we all need some of that.

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