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A FEW weeks ago I wrote for Critical Mass that I had been on a journey through discovering radical podcasts. I promised to provide a weekly update. My apologies. That never happened. In this short article I will make some suggestions for podcasts that anybody on the political left should enjoy. I would urge you to listen for yourself.

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.  Upstream claims to be a home for radical ideas and inspiring stories for a just transition to a more beautiful and equitable world. Their In-Conversation series features bi-monthly interviews with a wide variety of activists, change-makers and visionaries. Both focus on, among other things, the issue of the mainstream media as the root of many problems in Western society and they’re probably the most accessible to newcomers on the political left (they both regularly have a diverse range of guests, are not theory heavy and, other than critiquing capitalism as a whole, do not espouse one particular political tendency over another).

Another notable podcast is SrslyWrong, which is a utopian leftist comedy podcast about utopian possibilities, including universal human emancipation, unironic attempts at world peace, metamodernism and social ecology. It is also worth a listen just for being pure comedy genius and excellent on social ecology (an extremely valuable political theory that considers our Earth’s ecology and not just the politics of money and war). Then there is Revolutionary Left Radio, whose host, Breht O’Shea, shepherded my political evolution and growth from 2017 to today. He not only does a stellar job of exploring all of the left political tendencies that exist out there but also succeeds in finding unity above all else where factionalism and hyper-sectarianism are often the norm on the left. It explores political philosophy, history, science, religion, culture, art, and struggle through a socialist lens.  

Finally, for now, to Left/Over, a podcast that is, for UK listeners at least, very relevant to our contemporary political issues as well as wonderfully insightful, youthful, ironic, scornful, funny and justifiably angry and pissed off at our politics, politicians and the MSM as all decent socialist young millennials should be!

Happy listening.

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