Critical Mass is an independent, grassroots media outlet. We don’t have any financial backers. We exist to give a voice to those who would otherwise remain voiceless. We cover stories that are ignored or distorted by the mainstream.

Nobody gets paid for the work they do for Critical Mass and, to date, our running costs have been met by a small group of dedicated socialists.

A small donation (one-off or on a monthly basis) will help us to cover our running costs, improve the website, and, if there is a surplus, provide a small payment to our writers, some of whom rely on their writing for their living.

We promise that Critical Mass will remain free at the point of use, but, if you can afford to help us to keep on challenging the dominant conversation, your small contribution will keep a powerful, independent, left voice alive.

Yes you can. And, we would prefer it if you did. If you pay via Donorbox 1.5% will be taken as a handling charge. That is not a huge amount but if you would prefer all the money you donate to be used by us you can set up a direct payment by bank transfer or (for regular payments) by standing order using the following details:

Account name: Critical Mass Media Ltd

Bank: Co-Operative Bank Plc

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 63050246

Reference: please use your email address so that we can send you a receipt.

To date the website has been maintained by the generosity of a handful of individuals. The running costs whilst not particularly high need to be covered. In addition, as we develop we are finding we need to pay for additional services to ensure the website is an easy to use experience. Finally, many of our writers rely on their writing for their living. We would like to reward them for the effort they put in to maintaining Critical Mass.

Critical Mass Media Ltd is the limited company we established to allow us to open a bank account and to ensure that no individual is personally liable should we ever find ourselves involved in court action. The company was established with 5 directors (Jo Buchanan, Michael Gurner, Ann Marcial, Dave Middleton, Mike Stanton) and is a non-profit making organisation.