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Welcome to Critical Mass Issue #3

In the last issue I asked readers to support us by sharing our social media posts and subscribing to our newsletter. While it is great that so many of you are reading and sharing, we want to do more. We want your comments and feedback. You can do this in a number of ways.

  • At the bottom of each article is a comments section that is open to all. Comments are moderated to keep out spam and abusive material. 
  • You can write to with suggestions.
  • If you want to create content for publication, so much the better. 

We want to encourage a range of voices. We do not have a party line. But we do hold certain aims and values in common.

  • We wish to foster debate that explores the issues facing the left without acrimonious name calling or blame. People can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • To counter the deluge of misinformation out there, we expect the information we publish to be reliably sourced. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nobody is entitled to their own facts. 
  • Discussion should lead to action. We welcome news from the frontline: campaigns, strikes and protests. Use our calendar to advertise your events. 
  • This is a difficult time for the left. Socialists should look after each other and avoid unnecessary factionalism.

Most of all we want Critical Mass to be a celebration of socialism and of socialists. Our shared resilience and creativity in sticking to our principles and standing by each other is our hope for the future.

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