Consistency Guide

This will need a lot of sorting out and editing and ordering. I am starting to put things here that we have been discussing, but the trouble is that some points are just one line and are not always clear enough to copy. But here is one of my comments and I or anyone else can gradually put headings in for the different items. Then remove this paragraph.

I thought I might put in here one or two items which have arisen during recent editing from time to time as a reminder or to seek agreement/comment. 1 We are still varying our use of capital letters for some specifics, such as government and parliament. I think we agreed that, if it we refer to a particular government, such as the Indian Government we would use a capital. This also applies to people’s titles, when specific, though our media as a rule is not consistent here. eg The Chief Executive of Greggs, Roger Whiteside, decided to step down last year. 2. One other thing that keeps coming up is the use of a singular verb for collective or group nouns. In my opinion, these are correct. The BBC has got itself into a mess. The Labour Party is now unrecognisable. The Cabinet seems a complete disgrace. The word ‘media’ is interesting because it is technically the plural of ‘medium’ but often appears as a collective singular, and I think that we could use either – the media is or the media are.

Other things to consider:

dashes and hyphens, speech marks and quotes within quotes,