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Mr and Mrs Show-off
Have bought their son a brand new car.
They’ll enjoy telling their friends about that
And showing off how rich they are.
Mr and Mrs Moneybags 
Live in a castle by the sea
And Christmas means spending BIG money.
But that’s not what it means to me.
Mr Single Dad
Longs to spend the day with his kid.
But his ex-partner will not allow that,
Even though last year she did.
Mrs Lonely Widow
Would love some company on the big day.
But she sits alone by her window,
Watching other people go on their way.
Orphans turning sixteen
Are told to leave the children’s home.
Abandoned by the state,
They are in a tiny flat all on their own.
Mr Ex-Army Soldier
Was made homeless when disabled and sick
He has been sleeping in a shop doorway
Ignored or spat on or kicked.
All of these far apart people,
Separated by chance and by birth
All have very different ideas
About what Christmas is worth. 
Christmas is not all about money.
It is all about LOVE, you see
AND about taking CARE of each other.
That is what Christmas means to me.
The End.

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