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In a word nothing. I loved Xmas when I was a child. I was lucky enough to have a loving family and a Mum who was a very good cook. The tree, decorations, the presents, and the food were great. It was a time of genuine warmth and celebration, lit by an open fire. Now things are different. I still like to make merry with family, as much as possible, but I despise the hype and commercialism. 

I’ve never been remotely religious, so that aspect had no impact on me. Now, I’m much more interested in the origins of Xmas as a midwinter festival. In the distant English past, midwinter was an important festival with days of celebration. Whole communities participated in wassailing.

As a sufferer from SAD, the winter equinox, Yule, is an important day for me. The days get longer and lighter. That’s what mainly I’ll be celebrating, and, as I do, I’ll also take some time to reflect on all those who’ve suffered under a dozen years of Tory government. Merry Yule!

Hope you had a great Yule 🎄 

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