You would think that if there was one thing ‘the left’ might agree on it would be to stand only one candidate in each constituency.

Unfortunately, some constituencies have two or even three left candidates. Stafford and Bow has three socialists all standing against one another. Whilst others may have only one and, it may be lower deciding how you define ‘the left”. The Green Party are standing candidates in every constituency in England and Wales. But, are they part of the same left as the Workers Party (more accurately or colloquially George Galloway’s Workers Party) who are standing in 140 constituencies (see the list on p.xx). 

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) who have been around since 2010 have tried to play a coordinating role bringing various left groups, including the Workers Party, Transform, the Socialist Party and others together to ensure that left voters had a clear choice. 

Despite being given a seat on the Steering Committee and being invited to various meetings the Workers Party announced their candidates independently of the process meaning that long-established candidates were unable to stand because their seats were taken by Workers Party candidates and TUSC remained true to their principle of not standing against other left candidates.

Meanwhile, not prepared to work with TUSC and not wanting to join the Workers Party independent candidates agreed to appear under the Collective banner, though not on an agreed platform.

Now all this may matter very little as most left candidates will be lucky to retain their deposits but it does not bode well for what comes after the election. A meeting to discuss the next steps will be held In a brewery. If we can manage to organise it.

The best way to enjoy the Election Special is by reading the PDF. You can find it here or just look through here.

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