Heroes Assemble

So, here we are in some cinematic end game conclusion to what feels like the beginning of the movie franchise. Just as the Social Justice Warriors start assembling in heroic fashion around Central London, uniting against the vile Tory Overlords that would make even Thanos the arguable eco-warrior, wince at their spite for the majority of life. We are only a few movies in with Guardians of the Ecosystem just getting started and it already feels like the Chaos Bills have nearly all been put together to wipe out undesirables. We’ve had some early losses for sure, I couldn’t imagine how many disabled activists there were whose voices were silenced through austerity or Covid already.

On the Ropes

As Boros the Mad Etonite manages to get his hands on his prized Chaos Bills, we seem stuck somewhere between Iron Man and that Civil War one. And, the majority don’t even like these real life super hero stories anyway. Much needs to be done and we have almost no time left. Whatever differences we have need to be put aside, the Police Bill is coming and it’s going to be pushed through. The shelves are starting to look like they did in failed Soviet States. People are falling further and further into poverty. That hunger will quickly turn into anger and when the Police Bill is through, along with the other Chaos Bills, our heroes will be clicked away in an instant and no one will be there to protect us.

End Game

So this could be the last of the marches that won’t come with a lengthy prison sentence, so I would get out there and assemble whilst you still can. My advice would be to take a disguise like a mask with you and make sure to keep electronic communication to a minimum. This Saturday 21st is the next Kill the Bill demo in London. They are meeting in Parliament Square at 1 p.m. Make sure to meet up with others and network; also join groups and make connections with people you wouldn’t usually be in the same circles as. It’s time we break down these social barriers that have been put upon us. We are a network of people who want change, we need to focus on that now.

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