The Big Power Off is our answer to Rishi Sunak’s spring statement. It lacked empathy or humanity. It was breathtakingly cruel. The most impoverished in society were completely ignored, the disabled abandoned, those on low income, the 42% of citizens who earn less than £12,570 a year, just passed by, the 6.2 million who survive on less than £9,500 not even considered. OAPs, who survive on 25% of average earnings, which is the lowest in the industrial world, were ignored. They are expected to somehow magic up the extra money the 54% hike in energy costs will incur.

What did Sunak do just after delivering his statement to make it seem he was a man of the people and not a multi millionaire with a billionaire wife? He borrowed a car (Kia) from a Sainsbury’s employee for a photo at a petrol station. He then went inside to pay and had absolutely no idea how to use a bank card. He deliberately tried to fool the public so they’d go easy on him for pushing them into destitution. Zero morals. Zero integrity. The epitome of an entitled elite.


The sell by date on MSM’s ‘Heating or eating’ rhetoric has long past. That’s been happening for the last 12 years. Hence the exponential rise in food banks. The cost of living crisis realistically will mean many families and citizens already living in poverty face more than a choice between heating or eating. You can’t expect people already living on a pittance to find extra funds from nowhere. We’re facing a humanitarian crisis where citizens will starve, freeze to death and die. For disabled people who can’t afford to turn on electricity and run medical equipment, it means certain death. To compound it, disabled people on PIP, DLA or Attendance Allowance are now frozen out from applying for a warm home discount of a £150. It’s happened in last 12 years, it will happen again in far higher numbers. The only word for it is eugenics.

When we’ve a government who want to fight the next general election on ‘wokery’, then silence our voices by making protests illegal and are more worried about memorials of slave owners being attacked, you know you’re living under the most vicious and heartless government in living memory. It’s time to fight back in anyway we can.

The Big Power Off

Disabled people want a voice and so we are asking you to join us on 1st April, this Friday for BIG POWER OFF. On this day energy prices rise by 54% for gas and electricity. We’re asking you to use as little gas or electricity as possible on that day. This is a protest everyone can join in. Then tweet how you’re achieving that. Get family and friends to join in.

I shall be participating. However, I cannot turn the power off to my medical equipment that I need at night in order to breath, and many disabled people will be in same position. But on Thursday night I shall have charged my phone and iPad, filled up flasks with hot water for hot drinks. Before bed I shall have switched off everything at the mains, including tv, cooker, washing machine, everything. On Friday I will forgo a shower or bath. No tv or radio. A cold dinner of a salad. Hot water from flask for coffee. In the evening I will have candles or my battery powered lights, which I often have as I have frequent power cuts. Once my phone and iPad are depleted I shall read using my book lamp which I will have charged the night before. Unfortunately, I believe that many people already live this way on a regular basis and millions more will be joining them.

It’s a small gesture, but, if millions of us participate, it will have a huge impact. The fact is millions of us will be forced into living this way on a regular basis. With the energy hike, fuel hike, food prices soaring, rent hike, council tax hike, also my wifi and water rates went up. Inflation is crippling the nation. Covid hasn’t disappeared, but you’re now expected to pay for a test you’ve already paid for through taxes. Meanwhile energy companies make £900 per second and Oil companies like BP made bumper profits so far this year.

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