Author Guidelines

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What We Stand for and What We Won’t Stand For

  • Critical Mass is a collective of left wing writers. 
  • We do not subscribe to any manifesto or party. 
  • We encourage contributors on a range of topics. 
  • We are particularly keen to hear from those whose voices are usually unheard. 
  • However, we reserve the right to reject or remove articles which contain racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic or anti-working class material or which amount to personal or potentially libellous attacks.

Our Approach To Editing

If you’re submitting your work to Critical Mass, then prior to publication, we’re going to review a number of things to make sure that it ‘works’ on our site. On top of text editing for general grammar, spelling and readability, we’ll also do the following as a matter of course:

  • Headline – we may edit the post title you suggest. There’s a number of reasons for that – it could be to ensure readability, to make sure it matches our general approach and ethos, and/or to make sure it will appear correctly on the site (there are other technical ‘SEO’ reasons for this too, but they’re very boring).
  • Images – images aren’t free, and copyright holders should be rewarded where appropriate. If you provide images with your piece, unless it’s totally clear that those images are either copyright free, or that you own the copyright yourself, then we may use a different image. It’s us that will get challenged/sued/shouted at by the copyright holders, so we reserve the right to protect ourselves and our work (something just being on Google or you having ‘edited it a bit’ isn’t enough)
  • Swearing – we reserve the right to edit your content if we feel that ‘bad’ language doesn’t fit the tone of our site

Our editors decisions will be final, so I hope this makes it clear why we may do any of the above.

If you want to join us, then contact us here