This is the story of Belinda the Bee
She lived half her life at the top of a tree
Mostly the bees were Workers, so called,
If you knew all they’d do you might be appalled!
The hive had a Queen, she laid eggs all day
The Workers sustained them with grubs, you could say
Belinda flew quickly, she zoomed for the flowers
She came to our garden, (she liked all of ours…..)
As summer rolled in the bees buzzed about
They searched for fine nectar and pollen, no doubt
They stuffed all their gains in their backpack for bees
And then flew away to their hive in the trees
The Workers were clever, each cell mathematical
Hexagonal structures, not at all problematical
They squeezed out the nectar to fill up the comb
Then capped all the honey before heading for home
Belinda was weary with the season now ended
Her body was tired, with her wings all extended….
They’d flapped at top speed - now tattered and torn
As she headed back home she’d see no more dawn….
She rested her limbs on the leaves on the ground
And expired at peace, not making a sound

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