Welcome to the New Years Eve edition of the Critical Mass Culture magazine. There is probably enough in here that if you were to read it all then you would be entertained until next year! 

Putting this issue together has not been without its challenges. With all that is happening in the world it can certainly feel frivolous to find enjoyment in front of a screen or in a book, record or poem. Yet, surely it is in the most desperate of times that culture reminds us of our humanity.

We take the view that whilst Critical Mass is unapologetically socialist that you do not need to be a socialist to enjoy a blockbuster movie, a play, or a short story. You just need to be human.

In times of great inhumanity we can celebrate our humanity by reminding ourselves that what binds us together is not nationality, skin colour, gender or any of the other political characteristics but our ability to be able to think, share and love. 

In this edition we share our love of that which moves us. Sometimes politically, often just a stirring in the soul. Culture is always a journey. We invite you to join us on that journey and take your mind off the horrors unfolding outside.

We wish every one of our readers the best of new years.

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