“We must ensure that all those complicit in the suffering of the Palestinians are held responsible at the ballot box.You all have the opportunity to punish both of these parties – Labour and the Conservatives – who’ve wrought hell on the people of Gaza.”

Leanne Mohamad spoke these words in February at one of the many marches through central London in support of the people of Palestine. She has been described on several occasions as a fearless campaigner, activist and community organiser. She is probably best known for her constant support for the Palestinians but she has done a great deal of work already for the people in Ilford. In her words: “Many know me for my Palestinian activism: but my dedication to fight for people started in Ilford.”

Leanne Mohamad has history, the right sort of history to represent Ilford. She was brought up in the area and attended a local school. She became a youth worker and was fully occupied at her local food bank during the pandemic. “I’ve witnessed first-hand how the establishment fails working people and our youth”. She has since become involved in working in human rights.

Although her commitment to the Palestinian people is unquestionable, her heritage being Palestinian, she is not standing on a single issue in her bid to gain a parliamentary seat. Ilford North has changed hands in the past, but neither Conservative nor Labour MPs have changed lives for the better, especially not the current MP, Wes Streeting, Shadow Secretary of State for Health. He has ignored the calls for a ceasefire and pushed for NHS privatisation, has failed to challenge the vast profits made by energy and water companies and, as reported by local people, is rarely seen in the constituency.

Leanne has made clear pledges to her community, for instance on the National Health Service, on Palestine, on economic injustice, on education and youth services and on crime prevention. She is practical as well as idealistic. It is clear she has spoken to members of her community and listened to their concerns and is well-known in her area. She is knowledgeable, energetic, passionate, articulate and committed to change.

Leanne is one of the finest examples of the new generation, someone who may make us believe in the future of socialist politics again, who makes us believe it is worth fighting and reclaiming politics for the people. Whether or not she defeats the despicable Streeting, she has shown us how upstanding a human being can be, has shown us the principles that should be an integral part of electioneering and is hopefully ushering in a new kind of politics, a new calibre of parliamentary candidate.

The best way to enjoy the Election Special is by reading the PDF. You can find it here or just look through here.

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