Shock reversal of FGM ban imminent in Gambia

Very good article Jo! NICK DARKER

This is deeply disturbing, but sadly not a surprise given the stark rise in aggressive misogyny. Education and coverage has never been more important. ALICE BUCHANAN

Starmer and the heavy hand of factionalism

This demonstrates why Labour can’t ever be trusted unless it returns to what it was. A true democratic socialist party; until then or we kick every single right-wing factional idiot out or start again with actually rules preventing right-wing take overs. But that is a pipe dream. They have taken over and will never release their death grip on their control of the party. The establishment wants 3 Tory parties to fool idiots into thinking there is some choice when there is NONE.

What we really need is to tactically vote BOTH Labour and Tories out of office and achieve a hung parliament, then demand proportional representation. Only then allowing the smaller socialist parties to come forwards and offer real hope and change. Me? I am after 50 years kicked out of the party of my grandparents’ and parents’ and of myself. We voted for them for almost 100 years. Without fail this time I am voting Green!!! For one reason only I am disabled and the Greens are the only party that is offering something to disabled people, instead of insults and scorn from the other vile 3 Tory factions- Red, Blue and yellow tinged. JAMES KEMP

Election Round Up Week 2

“The pitiful amount paid to the recipients of benefits would not encourage anyone to apply for them by choice, nor to to go through the punitive and unpleasant process to obtain them.”
This is true for anyone on universal credit, but many people complain to me about the abuses taking place in DLA? I point out to them to look at the abuses by the rich and not look sideways, but is it easy for them to see neighbours driving newer cars than they are? I believe we should help each other but our collective work needs to be shared, we need to take a hard look at how the benefit system works and how we help each other in our community. NIGEL THOMAS

Well written, on point. ANTONY SHERRY

Getting informed: a personal story

I suspect there are two of you? NIGEL THOMAS

What Socialism Means To Me – Maria Carroll.

Your big heart comes through your story NIGEL THOMAS

I’ll just write in my clear unsentimental definition of Socialism, as a critique: The establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth by and in the interest of the whole community.

What Socialism Means to Me – Harvey John

A very good article, and one I wholeheartedly agree with, having received my secondary education at a Grammar School in the 1960s. Grammar School education failed me on several levels, not least creating a rift between my working-class roots and my perception of what was expected of me when I left school. I trod their road for some years until I could not stand it any longer, and then in my late 30s early 40s studied Theatre in the Community and Performing, and achieved a BA (Hons) in 1993 at the age of 41. This is when I truly started to learn about socialism, and one of the catalysts was a book called Stages in The Revolution by Catherine Itzen, and Robert Tressell’s The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist. JOHN-BENNETT GREEN

Israel’s War Crimes Go Unpunished

Sober and factual piece. The US, UK and the executive of the EU continue to offer practical support to this genocide, irrespective of whatever weasel words they use. EMMA FLOWERS

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