Keir Hardie went to Parliament, and he caused quite a stir. 
He disregarded custom in his choice of what to wear.  
Not for him the frockcoat, wing collar and top hat. 
He’d been a Scottish miner and was having none of that. 
Keir Hardie wore a plain tweed suit and a tie of red. 
He wore a deerstalker hat upon his head. 
All the other Labour men had dressed to ape their betters. 
Keir Hardie saw their dress code as just one more set of fetters.  
He was lambasted in the press for showing disrespect  
But he had given notice, so they knew what to expect. 
As Alex Glasgow sang, he “fought out the working class fight”. 
They could not shame him for he knew that his just cause was right. 
So if you have a mind to nail your colours to the mast, 
If the cap fits wear it, and to your cause hold fast. 
Mike Stanton: January 2024 

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