2023 was one of the darkest years in living memory. Never has it been more important for socialists to exchange ideas about how to end the monstrous evil of capitalism epitomised by Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza, carried out with the full support of the US and UK governments and the endorsement of Starmer’s Labour ‘opposition.’ So keep the comments coming.

IDF kills unarmed civilians

It’s time for the United Nations Security Council to be disbanded and majority rule instigated at the UN or let the UN be disbanded as a failed organisation with no teeth or influence. TARLOCHAN KALIROY

South Africa brings formal charges of Genocide against Israel

Is it just me or does anyone else find this ironic? I was under the impression that the 1948 convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide specifically followed the end of WWII and the actions of Nazi Germany toward Jews and the Holocaust. I thought that was also where the phrase “Never again” originated. DEBBIE LEWIS

Jeremy Corbyn to Launch a New Party (or not)

@UKLabour will not receive my vote under @Keir_Starmer. Nor will any right-wing replacement from the current PLP. DUNCAN McGARRITY

Usually I would agree with this article, but due to the circumstances he may be persuaded. He will never be allowed back into Labour under the amount of right-wing Labour MPs who sabotaged his chances of becoming PM. SUSAN THOMAS

A romantic dream, JC is wedded to the Labour Party despite the usurpers who now control it. If Starmer stumbles in the general election, he might be able to return but unlikely. GABRIEL PEACHEY

Whenever talk of a new party is underway no-one mentions The Workers Party and with the situation in Gaza it is not as clearcut as before. People are looking for alternatives. LORNA WALKER

Mr Bates Versus the Post Office

Two things strike me. One is that there is something cynical and certainly shameful about it taking a TV drama before any serious action is taken to address this disastrous miscarriage of justice.
Secondly, the public response and outrage are such that there is enormous pressure for action to be taken. This shows the power of the collective voice when people are united in opposition to the political establishment and leads us to hope that the strength of opposition to other measures is such that permanent changes can be made. At present the massive support for the people of Palestine is putting pressure on our politicians to call for a ceasefire. Let us hope that the fear of losing their seats and the privilege and power that go with them will lead them to take note of the widespread call for an end to the genocide in Gaza. As Mike says, there is solidarity in struggle. JO BUCHANAN

Very good. COLIN FIRTH

One-sided reporting on Gaza

I am very careful who I believe lately, but more doubtful of any reports coming from Israeli sites. For instance I cannot find any reference to the hundreds of hostages since 7/10 who were found murdered by Hamas, simply one report of Netanyahu so overcome with grief at the news he was supposedly crying.
How can I feel empathy for him when I read of his belligerent insistence that the bombardment of Gaza is necessary to wipe out the Hamas terrorists ‘entrenched’ there. Where are his tears for the Palestinians? DEBBIE LEWIS

I watch Aljazeera. The bestial occupation by war criminals needed to end decades ago! LIZ SHEPHARD

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