We asked our readers: If the International Court of Justice rules that Israel is guilty of a genocide what do you think should happen next? This is what you said.

Return to Palestine stolen land and give heavy financial reparations over 3 generations, at least.

Jeanne James

Ban Israeli exports

Moreno Corradi

An immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank. Then a coalition of the surrounding Muslim nations to form a UN peacekeeping force to patrol and enforce the ceasefire and prevent any further shipments of arms into Israel. This should then be followed by removing and arresting all of the current Israeli war cabinet on war crimes and the demobilisation of the IOF reservists and disarming of the settlers in the West Bank. The government should be replaced by another coalition cabinet voted on by the Israeli parliament until a new elections can be held. This should of course be followed up by arrests of all those in the West who enabled the genocide by supporting and/or arming Israel. In the event the ICJ does not return a guilty verdict then there are no longer any rules of warfare and we can expect the world to become a vicious horrible place for all humanity.

David Stirrup

Dismantle the state of Israel


At least sanctions. Also UN troops to guard Gaza

Margaret Briggs

There must be economic and military sanctions against Israel, until they stop the genocide in Gaza. The attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and the attacks by settlers must stop, and those guilty must be brought before an international court.

Arthur Marchant

The Western powers cannot ignore this and sanctions must be imposed on Israel and treat it as a pariah state. They cannot allow there to be double standards when rules of human justice are concerned

Steve Angove

In response to the ruling, the international community must come to its senses, acknowledge the evil that has been done to Palestine and reach a unanimous agreement to insist on an immediate ceasefire. There should be a statement from the countries that have backed Israel that they are withdrawing all support. This would include an embargo on arms sales. There must be a massive amount of humanitarian assistance, to include food and water, fuel, shelter, clothing, building materials, medical supplies and personnel. 
Then there is the question of long-term transformational changes. For decades it has been clear that the Palestinians deserve a just settlement. This should be decided with the full involvement of the Palestinians. Surely the only road to justice is a one-state solution?
Would any kind of reconciliation be possible after the unforgivable killing of thousands of Palestinians and with the entrenched hatred the Israelis feel towards them? This seems like an impossible challenge at present. There is too the divide between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to be bridged. Netanyahu should be voted out of office. Western countries, specifically the US and their loyal puppets, would need to change their approach and completely rethink their foreign policy. Without major changes, both in the Middle East and beyond, there will be no justice and no secure future for Palestine. And is there any guarantee these changes, if achievable, could last? For there to be real hope for the future we really need widespread revolutionary change.

Jo Buchanan

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