Israel accused of targeting what’s left of the medical system in Gaza

The killing of a top medical official after Israel bombed a clinic late on Sunday has been denounced as a deliberate strategy to destroy what’s left of the medical system in Gaza. Hani al Jaafarawi, Gaza’s director of ambulances and emergency along with four other people were killed in the attack.  The clinic, one of the few remaining medical centres in Gaza offering general health, paediatric and dental services, is now out of commission.

The director at the Al-Aqsa hospital said that al Jaafarawi worked night and day to help those who are living in very difficult circumstances.

Once again the Health Ministry has renewed its demands for the international community to put pressure on Israel to end the heinous aggression against the Gaza strip and protect the health system and its workers. 500 health workers have been killed by Israel since 7th October and 310 others have been detained. (MT)

Support the Julian Assange Crowd funder

Julian Assange may now be free. But freedom has its price. The Free Assange Campaign have launched an appeal to raise £520,000. This is why:

“Julian will owe USD 520,000 which he is obligated to pay back to the Australian government for the charter flight to Saipan and onward to Australia.

“In addition, and after 14 years of detention, including five years in maximum security prison, Julian’s health is in dire need of recovery. We are launching an emergency appeal to seek donations to help him cover the flight debt and substantial funds to ensure his recovery and well-being and safety upon his arrival.” (MS)

Vote Reform to keep the terrorists out, say Reform voters

“All them boats coming here, I honestly believe they’re terrorists. They’re coming here to invade us and eventually, they’ll kill us all and wipe us off the face of the Earth.” says a man who declined to give his name when asked by Al Jazeera why he was going to vote for the racist Nigel Farage in Clacton. Another Farage supporter Jeff Bray adds, “No, they’re not all terrorists. But let’s be realistic, some of them could be. I don’t know, you don’t know, and the problem is nobody knows … No country wants to let bad people in through their borders.” Keith Bloomfield, a 70-year-old Reform member tells Al Jazeera: “Look, I’m not a racist. Nigel’s not a racist. But we want the best for our country now. Foreign input into the country [is] causing knife crime, gun crime, acid [attacks]. We didn’t have this [before].” Lynne, a former Tory voter also ‘understands’ the damage immigrants do to ‘our country’: “Well, we’re just getting too many immigrants coming over here, especially the illegal ones. And you know, basically they’ve taken the few jobs that we’ve got here.’ These views expressed to an Al Jazeera reporter on one day’s canvassing in Clacton show just how deep the racism infecting towns like Clacton has burrowed. Like most places where anti-immigration is highest, Clacton has few migrants and is certainly below the average. Farage, may be the clown prince of British politics, after Johnson ceded the role, but the nonsense and lies he spouts strike a nerve with an older white audience who crave a return to a mythical pre-immigration past when lives were so much better. Such as in the 1930s when we had workhouses, children with no shoes on their feet, mass unemployment and barely an immigrant in sight. Nobody who reads Critical Mass would vote Reform but we have to keep alert to the damage that these respectable right-wing bigots do to the fabric of our society. We have been invaded. Not by immigrants but by bigots. And the only way to fight back is to use education as well as agitation. (DM)

Our NHS – a source of national shame

“Undercover A&E review – the sheer wrongness of it all will drive you to tears.” This was Channel 4’s Louisa Compton’s comment on Monday evening’s Dispatches programme. If a May 2023 poll can be believed, the NHS is Britain’s primary source of national pride. But “after watching you may wonder whether it is more fitting to describe the NHS as a source of national shame”. The undercover reporter gave details of the situation in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where patients are kept waiting for hours in ambulances, some being left for up to 40 hours in a section called “Fit 2 Sit“, when they are clearly not fit, a stroke victim overlooked for hours and a row of trolleys in a corridor without hand washing facilities, with patients crying out for pain relief, ignored and forgotten. It was revealed that one in 72 people who spend too long waiting in A&E will die as a result. We do not know how representative this hospital is of our NHS, but there are many other reports of similar situations all over the country and much anecdotal material. Professor Alf Collins of the Patients Association commented that it is “almost becoming the standard of care that people expect”.

And, probably to the satisfaction of both the Tory party and the Labour Party, people are increasingly turning to the private sector, taking out loans to fund treatment as their desperation and unbearable pain increase. And with Wes Streeting fairly likely to be our next Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, there is no chance a Labour government will save our NHS. (JB)

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