Under the sea Rudy aged 8
I look down to the deep, dark sea and I wonder if it represents me
The beautiful song of the great blue whale 
And its gigantic muscular scale
Is this me? 
The great big squid and its enormous reach
Captures its prey with a terrifying screech 
Is this me?
The majestic jellyfish with its technicolour glow 
Floats around nice and slow 
Is this me?
The delightful dolphin and its playful leap
Has fun all day long 
No time for sleep
Is this me?
As I look all day under the sea 
Its magic and mystery represent me 
It is full of colour, life and glee
Without a doubt, this is me!
Rudy (8)
First published in This is Me! (Young Writers: Reaching for the Sun) 
Ed Lynsey Evans 2024

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