This month we asked our women readers to answer the following: In the UK there is a range of legislation supporting the equal status of women. But do you think the protection offered reflects your lived experience as a woman in the UK today? This was what you said.

No. At 65 and mostly single, I’ve faced a lot of discrimination and abuse, in the work place, by contractors and by family who see a single woman as weak and to be taken advantage of.

Jeanne James

Of course there isn’t equality, if there was then prostitution & porn would not be an issue, trafficking & rape wouldn’t happen. Women remain discriminated against on the basis of their sex. Things improved greatly in the UK around pay and opportunities to work but expectations of men & women differ, women are still often blamed for their sexual assault. Just look around the world at the extreme oppression women face.

Linda Ferguson

No. Having returned to the UK after years in the US (for undergrad, MSc and 2 jobs), I was shocked by the sexism (and ableism) I encountered during my PhD at a Russell Group uni. The US isn’t exactly advanced in that regard, either.


Two points- 1- Institutional misogyny in health care – Women patients tend to be treated on a ‘calm down dear’ basis, with valid concerns dismissed or simply not heard. 2- Street safety – and practically every woman I have ever met has had to deal with men who feel entitled to assault us or make crude remarks when we are just walking home or going about our business. Having to be in a state of constant vigilance whenever we leave home alone is too often a feature of our lives.


No, there is still unequal pay and opportunities 

Janet Field

More could and should be done for women and keeping safe. It’s just not good enough 


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