Our news channel on YouTube Critical Mass News has been well received. If you have not seen it yet please have a look and share the link on all your social media channels.

Well presented and informative news programme and easy to follow, it seems questioning the main stream narrative and telling the truth of censorship. KARL SMITH

Thank you for standing up for humanity! e a

Only the dead have seen the end of war

A very difficult read, I couldn’t read to the end but I’m sharing anyway because it’s so important. MIKE COULSON

BBC’s excellent Gaza reporting

Excellent article Dave.  MIKE COULSON

Shame on Both the USA and the UK

I’ve asked myself this question. MIKE COULSON

Immigration – Labour and Tory both play the race card

Confronts directly very worrying issue of Starmer’s betrayal of traditional left and fundamental Labour values. JENNIFER WALLER

Starmer’s disappearing voters trick

The best outcome for labour would be an electoral win for Labour and a loss at the ballot box for Starmer. We will still end up with a right-wing Labour MP as PM, but hopefully not as accomplished and prolific a liar as Starmer. TARLOCHAN KALIROY

Not everybody responds to a particular news item. We welcome contributions like these from BRENDAN O’BRIEN on different aspects of the Israeli assault against Gaza

Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian says that Israel faced a tragic choice after the Hamas attack of October 7th. They had to choose between doing nothing or launching a military campaign to destroy Hamas. Of course they chose the latter. However, there was a third way, and the choices will still be there when ‘Operation Swords of Iron’ is over. Israel can end the occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza. Outrageous though it may seem to many people to say so, Hamas was always open to the two state solution. There is also a fourth way, the piecemeal obliteration of Palestine, with intermittent bouts of destruction. That is the path Israel has pursued since 1967. BRENDAN O’BRIEN

Reports that Israel is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate ‘targets’ in Gaza are disturbing. Not so long ago there were reports of how AI can generate nonsense (‘hallucinations’). This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. BRENDAN O’BRIEN

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